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With a little help from her friends, Kate Karp unleashes thoughts on pet responsibility and care, animal rights and welfare, adoption, and animal-related events in the area. Kate is a 15-year Long Beach resident who has a passion for anything involving animals and books, and she combines the two whenever possible. She is an active member and supporter of Friends of Long Beach Animals and believes that owner responsibility is the key to solving animal issues. She lives with two fine fat foundling felines, Woodbine and Mildred.


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  1. Addendum:
  2. Addition to Pet Projects
  3. World Spay Day Proclamation to Be Requested at City Council
  4. Who Doesn't Love a Good Yard Sale?
  5. Freeway Dogs Update: A Cinderella Tail, and a Valentine’s Day Search for the Beautiful (Step)Sister
  6. Adopt a Pet at Haute Dogs' National Mutt Show and Adoption Fair
  7. ePurr-mony.com—Check Out These Valentines!
  8. ACS Open House Message from the Community: Be the Change that You Want to See
  9. Ulterior but Completely Lovable Motive for ACS Open House
  10. Community Invited to Animal Shelter Open House on Saturday
  11. My Own Inauguration into Rescue
  12. Be Part of ACS's Success—Adopt!
  13. Local Pet Publication Caters to Kitties This Season
  14. A Poster Family for Spay/Neuter—and Adoption
  15. Nancy and Larry Gorman: Finding Home for the Holidays and Any Other Time
  16. This Holiday—Empty a Cage and Fill a Heart
  17. ‘Reach Out Your Hand’ at Operation Santa Paws
  18. Cat Adopter Gets New Leash on Life—Pretty Literally
  19. Live Love Pet Care Is All That
  20. Pets Aren't Gifts—but You Can Be One
  21. The Sky May Fall, but Chicken Little Will Be Safe and Sound
  22. Animal Rescues Extend Thanksgiving into Black Friday
  23. Black Goes with Everything, Including You
  24. No Adoption Fees at Shelters for Veterans and Their Immediate Families This Weekend
  25. Mandatory Spay/Neuter: A Year’s Progress
  26. Dogs Deserving to Be Grateful
  27. What's Halloween Without Cats—in Costumes?
  28. Chocolate Is No Treat for Dogs
  29. A Halloween Howl!
  30. Holiday Threats to the Health of Pets
  31. Feral Cats and Skin Care? Definitely a Thing!
  32. The Knott's Ferals—No More Pussyfooting Around
  33. LB Volunteer Goes to Bat for Knott’s Berry Farm Mousers
  34. Can a Cat Scratch Make You Sick?
  35. Pet Projects: The Cats (and Dogs) of Kitty Katchers
  36. Here, Moondoggie! Take In the Unleashed by Petco Surf City Surf Dog Competition This Weekend!
  37. 'Celebrity Autobiography' Caters to Catters!
  38. Little Bunny Foo Foo
  39. Help! My Pet's Missing!
  40. The Vet Is In: Dog Bites, Part 1—Consequences
  41. Pet Projects: Meet the Adoption Candidates at Pet Food Express!
  42. Lucy Has Found a Home; Meet the CatPAWS Cats
  43. Thank You, Pet Community
  44. Kick Box Meets Litter Box: Martial Arts Students Learn About Cat Care
  45. One Starfish at a Time
  46. Down Along the (Cat) Cove
  47. Fix Long Beach Rolls Back In! Free Spay/Neuter Clinic Returns After Hiatus
  48. Stop In to the Bunny Barn
  49. Get Your Wiener On: Clear the Shelters Day
  50. 39 Felines Find Homes at Kitty Hall; Foster Desperately Needed for Doggie on Death Row
  51. Vested Interest: Providing Modern Protective Gear for K-9 Officers
  52. Cat Adoption Tips—and Cats to Adopt
  53. July 5 at Animal Shelter: Volunteer Team to Help Reunite Pets and Their Humans
  54. Fireworks and Pets: How to Keep Them Safe
  55. Cats Lobby for Homes at Kitty Hall
  56. A New Umbrella for the Rain of Kittens
  57. Community Bulletin Board: Cats Needing Homes
  58. Bully Pulpit
  59. A Moment with the Moggies
  60. Wrigley Kittens—The Proverbial Village
  61. Let's Hear It for the Small Rescues—and Adopt a Dog
  62. Nursing a Concern: Animal Advocates Cry Out for Change in spcaLA Practices
  63. Pet Projects: Big Shout-Out to Big Hearts
  64. Animal Shelter Offers Higher-Value Pet-Fix Vouchers
  65. Meet the Adoption Candidates
  66. Now Presenting—in This Ring—The Acro-Cats!
  67. Smitten with a Kitten: 'Keanu'
  68. Hope and Traps Spring Eternal
  69. ART and Soul: Volunteers Offer Alternatives to the Shelter
  70. "Making Biscuits Cat Rescue" Provides Basic Human "Kneads"
  71. Zoey's Is the Place for Cats!
  72. Jellicle Cats Come Out To-Night
  73. Dog Waste—Not! Craftsman Village Leader Demonstrates Derring-Doo
  74. Kitten Season—Raining Cats and—More Cats
  75. Cats, Cats, Cats
  76. Long Beach Freeway Dogs Update: The Road Home
  77. Fur Flies During March Madness with Local Point Guard Momma Marcia
  78. Puppies Abound
  79. Pet Food Express Grand Opening to Feature Permanent Shelter Cat Adoption Center
  80. Biggest Adoption Event Ever!
  81. Exploring a Future with Animals: ACS’s Youth Explorer Academy
  82. Can You Help Ellie?
  83. No Deposit Required for Pets Adopted at Camden Harbor View Event
  84. Complete Your Spring Outfit with a New BFF
  85. One More Fix for 1 Too Many: ACS-Funded Free Spay/Neuter Clinic to Open
  86. Speed Dating at the Shelter
  87. Pet Theft: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Best Friends Closer
  88. Meet Hero Kenny Bumpers
  89. Senior Pets are Swell
  90. Animal Care Services Report Card: A-Plus for Effort, and Always Further to Go
  91. UPDATE: Dogs Sheltered After 710 Chase Remain in Long Beach
  92. Adopt a Special Senior!
  93. ACS Open House Invites You
  94. Part-Time TNR Job Opportunity
  95. 'Prank It Forward' Pulls the Fur Over Dog Rescuer's Eyes
  96. Waggy Mew Year
  97. Pets Are Gifts, Not Presents
  98. A Holiday for Creatures Great and Small
  99. Save Tiny Tim
  100. 12 Ways of Giving: A Holiday List of Deserving Animal Charities
  101. A Sleighful of Holiday Events!
  102. Bone-Chillin’ Cold! Tips for Keeping Your Pets Warm
  103. Meet the CatPAWS Kitties!
  104. Pet Projects: Meet the WeCARe Pooches
  105. L.A. County Animal Control to Conduct Field Enforcement in Unincorporated Area in Long Beach, Surrounding Areas
  106. No Adoption Fees at spcaLA, Fix Long Beach S&N Clinic and Two Furry Fund-Raisers
  107. Cat's Cradle: A Guide to Bottle-Feeding Orphaned Kittens, Part 3
  108. Cat's Cradle: A Guide to Bottle-Feeding Orphaned Kittens, Part 2
  109. Cat's Cradle: A Guide to Bottle-Feeding Orphaned Kittens
  110. Wag-tastic and Purr-Pet Adoptions at Fly-in Event
  111. Behavior Change Works Both Ways: New Long Beach Coyote Management Plan Finalized
  112. Creature Features This Weekend
  113. The Black Cat: Devil Or Angel?
  114. Not Every Picture Tells a Story
  115. Circle in the Sand: Haute Dogs Interfaith Blessing of the Animals
  116. Celebrate National Feral Cat Day with Free Fixes and Community Cat Classes
  117. Feral Cat Day Approaching; Celebrate by Adopting a Cat
  118. Mandatory Spay/Neuter in Effect; Meet Clyde and a Kindle of Kittens
  119. A Lot of Little Lights Shine for Pets Everywhere; Events to Benefit Long Beach-Area Pets
  120. Pet Projects: Meet the Candidates at Kitty Hall
  121. A Roof over Every Pointy-Eared Head: Make Way for Kitty Hall
  122. City Council Votes to Accept a Three-Week Amnesty for License Fines
  123. Pet Projects: Dogs Take to the Promenade
  124. Dogs of Downtown Long Beach: Share a Bite with Bowser
  125. Pet Projects: Dogs Take Over Downtown, and Cats Lobby City Hall Lobby
  126. Look Forward to Dogs of Downtown, Free Spay/Neuter for Cats, and a Turtle Expo!
  127. Has Nature Made Its Statement? Long Beach Community Seminars Will Address the Urban Coyote
  128. Adoptions, Free Spay/Neuter, Fundraisers and How to Shape Up for Animal Advocacy
  129. National 'Clear the Shelters Day' Very Nearly Did
  131. Curl Up and Read, #ClearTheShelters, Low-Cost Vaccinations and More!
  132. Whose Space, Coyote? Council to Vote on Coyote Management Plan Recommendation
  133. Let's #ClearTheShelters and Adopt Out Every Pet
  134. The AMRT Shelter Table: Now Offering Concierge Service to Pets and Their People
  135. Kittenpalooza, Corgi Beach Day, Pizza for Pets and More!
  136. Duncan! No Donuts! Felinity’s New Role Model
  137. Have a Little Cheese with That Whine, Rover
  138. Special Delivery: Shell of New Vet Clinic Arrives at ACS
  139. Cats Outflank Dogs During Dog Days
  140. Free Spay/Neuter Event (Cats Only This Time)
  141. Pet Projects: A Great Weekend for Adoption!
  142. Spay/Neuter: The Musical? BUDDY'S BIG DAY OUT Trots Across the Education Gap
  143. Pet Projects: Adoptions, Events for Animal Lovers and More
  144. Urban Ag Ordinance: City Council Delivers New Pecking Orders
  145. Coffee, Tea, or Me-ow? The Cat Café Society
  146. Art for Bark's Sake
  147. Help Wanted—Desperately—for Volunteers
  148. Community Callout Tonight for Pet Volunteers
  149. ACS’s Bunny Barn: A Harebrained Project in the Best Sense of the Word
  150. Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance: What to Expect October 1
  151. Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Pet Shop Ordinances Pass Council Vote
  152. Mandatory Spay/Neuter: Time to Tie It Up?
  153. Unconditional Love Abides: Exchanging Vow-Wow-Wows at Animal Companion Village
  154. 2015 Animal Care Services Open House to Feature New Opportunities for People and Pets
  155. Lesson Learned? Help Protect Your Pet from Theft.
  156. Written out of the Will: Can You Adopt an Orphan?
  157. Give a Pet a Person for Christmas
  158. UPDATE: Suspect Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty in Killing of Cats
  159. Feles Non Gratae? Future Uncertain for LBCC Colony Cats
  160. Thank You for the Pets So Sweet, and Be Careful What They Eat. Yay, Dog!
  161. Tough Luck, Bambi: Parks and Rec Votes to Grant Permits That Include 3-D Animal Targets
  162. Proposed Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance to Be Presented at Council Meeting
  163. Shed a Pitty-ful Attitude: National Pit Bull Awareness Month
  164. UPDATE: Trial Begins for Man Charged with Horrific Cat Killing
  165. FIV- and FeLV-Affected Cats: Positives and Negatives
  166. Callout to All Moondoggies! K9 Fest Comes to Rosie’s Dog Beach
  167. Rabies and Rabies Shots: The Bark Is Not Worse Than the Bite
  168. If William Tell Just Used an Apple... Archers and Animal Advocates Argue over Animal Targets
  169. Road Trip for Rascals: Animal Care Services and Volunteers Provide a ‘Golden’ Opportunity for Shelter Pets
  170. FREE Spay/Neuter Procedures This Summer
  171. Fourth of July: Keep Your Pets Safe and Sane
  172. Mama Peafowl Takes Center Stage
  173. Your Game Face Got Whiskers: Tall Tails Puzzle Adventure Is Dog’s Best Friend for Gamers
  174. Cats, Dogs and Alcohol
  175. Bright Eyes, Wet Noses: The Vet Is In
  176. Who Can Wear Fur in This Heat?
  177. Pets Can Be Fixed, but Some Things You Just Can't: Dumbest Reasons We've Heard for Not Spaying and Neutering
  178. Adoptation
  179. Animal Cruelty: Education Helps-Not Perps but Proponents of Pets
  180. ACS Report Card: Good Grades for Progress and Inventiveness, but the Semester's Not Over
  181. ACS Open House: Remember, It’s About the Animals
  182. ACS and FOLBA Tie the Knot: Dual-Purpose Vet Clinic on the Horizon
  183. Long Beach Resident Arrested on Charges of Animal Abuse
  184. Mayor and Councilmembers Adopt Proposal to Adopt
  185. Say ‘Treeeeat!’ Photographer Sara Cozolino Snaps Shelter Pets—Body, Spirit and Soul
  186. How the Other Half Gives
  187. Cat or Couch? Reaching a Compromise with Claws
  188. Skulldoggery (and Fun with our Familiars)
  189. Four-Legged Quantum Leap for No-Kill? Difficult by Any Law of Physics
  190. Count Your Blessings: Low-Cost and No-Cost Spay/Neuter and the Annual Interfaith Blessing of the Animals
  191. Unsheath the Claws: Here Comes the Paw Project
  192. The Pet Food Bank: Humane Interest
  193. Random Clawings: Events and Adoptions
  194. Jettisoned at the Jetty: Meet the Rescued Cats
  195. Crap Happens, but You Needn’t Bend Over to Take It
  196. Backyard Farm Animal Ordinance Fails to Pass in City Council
  197. How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm When They Can Roost Next Door?
  198. Kitten Cataclysm: Shelters and Rescues Are Overwhelmed Each Season
  199. If You Gotta Be in the Doghouse: Architecture for Dogs at the Long Beach Museum of Art
  200. Animal Cruelty-Prevention Conference, Part 3: Who’s Protected?
  201. A Great Fix for Pet Overpopulation
  202. More Animals in Need
  203. UU Celebration of Animal Companionships: Bless Us All—We Need It
  204. UPDATED - Boots on the Ground: A Ride-Along with ACS
  205. Animal Care and Cruelty Prevention Conference: If You Couldn’t Make It. Part 2: Training
  206. Animal Care and Cruelty Prevention Conference: If You Couldn’t Make It... Part 1: Care
  207. Rabbits are Real, Not Toys
  208. LB City Prosecutor to Hold Court over Animal Cruelty Prevention Conference
  209. No Purebreds in Shelters and Rescues?
  210. In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb, and Everything In Between
  211. The Art of Racing in the Rain: 'Long Beach Reads One Book' Selection
  212. Fallen Bicyclist’s Pets Available for Adoption at spcaLA
  213. ACS Open House: All Four Feet Forward
  214. Random Clawings: Long Beach Animal Care Services Features Open House; Long Beach Reads One Book
  215. Big Flap over City Place Pigeon Rescuer
  216. The Creatures Are Stirring: Gifts Fanciful and Functional
  217. Mrs. Long Beach Kym Cloughesy’s Pet Platform
  218. Jumping on the Black Dog Bandwagon
  219. Some Pig—and Then Some: LB Prof’s Porker Pages Are a Silk Purse Indeed
  220. They’re Baaaaack! Howl’oween Pet Parade Takes the Street
  221. Pet Events and Random Clawings
  222. Walk 2K (or 5) in My Paws: Annual Pet Appreciation Fair and WALK
  223. Pick of Litter: LaunderPets Voted Best Groomer
  224. Pooches on Patios Inauguration Luncheon at Kress Market
  225. Pick of the Litter: Itchy Paws Is Not Just a Walk in the Park
  226. Pick of the Litter: Rosie’s Dog Beach Selected as Best Dog Park
  227. Pick of the Litter: Shillelagh, Best Patio for Poochie
  228. Pick of Litter: Chuck and Toby's is Best Pet Boutique
  229. Pick of the Litter: Best Vet - The Venerable Blue Cross Animal Hospital
  230. Seal Beach Animal Care Center's New Facility Named for Local Cat Advocate
  231. Best Rescue, Part 2: Judy Griffith -- Just Squeaking By (but Certainly Not Barely)
  232. Feathers Ruffle over Urban Farm Animals
  233. Pick of the LB Litter--Best Rescue, Part 1: Animal Match Rescue Team
  234. Happy Tails to You, Judy!
  235. Through the Magic Burrow: The Shoestring City Ranch
  236. Coyotes' Latest Victims in Naples Area
  237. We Speak for Them: The Animal Cruelty Conference (Part 2)
  238. Don’t Let the Spay/Neuter License Plate Be Thrown Under the Bus
  239. We Speak for Them: Animal Cruelty Conference (Part I)
  240. This Easter, Remember: Chickens Belong on Farms, Bunnies Belong in Arms
  241. REVIEW: Secrets of a Pet Whisperer by Terri Steuben
  242. Pick of the Litter: Our ‘Best Of’ for Our Best Friends
  243. Random Clawings: The Morning Paper, Legislation, and Events
  244. Homeless with Dogs: Help Us Help Them
  245. ACS’s Keisler Transfers Leash to Acting Manager
  246. Animal Care Services Open House Tomorrow
  247. Emergency Relief! State-of-the-Art Critical-Care Facility for Pets Opens for Business
  248. For Our Shaun
  249. Holly and Houseplants Bring Howls and Hisses: Holiday Safety Tips for Pets
  250. El Dorado Dog Park Marks Its Territory
  251. Man’s - and Woman’s - Best Friends Have Their Day
  252. Educating the Public? It’s a WALK in the Park!
  253. Dr. Margaret Lee: Animal Care Services Full-Time Shelter Vet
  254. Autumn Brings Pet Events, Adoption Opportunities
  255. Two Faithful Friends: Call for Help for Michael Reed and Topaz
  256. Cash Cow: The Milk of Humane Kindness
  257. PET POST: For the Literary Lion Cubs — Summer Reading for Kids
  258. PET POST: Little Hero, Big Life
  259. PET POST: Pet Summer Tips — No Sweat Isn’t Necessarily a Good Thing
  260. PET POST: Spay, Neuter License Plate Approval Looming in the Rear View
  261. PET POST: It's Pets-for-adoption Galore!
  262. ACS Manager John Keisler Leaving Shelter; ACS Takes a Walk in the Park
  263. PET POST: How Much Is the Adoption Fee for That Doggie in the Window?
  264. PET POST: Hare Off to Hocktide — Adopt a Pascal Rascal
  265. They Walk With Us, We Carry Them: Disaster Planning for Pets
  266. Share a Shower and Save a Pound of Flesh
  267. Animal Cruelty: A 'Mean and Detestable Vice' Part 2
  268. Animal Cruelty: A 'Mean and Detestable Vice'
  269. No More Long Hours in the Waiting Room: ACS To Hire Full-Time Vet
  270. Required Reading: T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats
  271. A Valentine's Day Contest & New Pet Adoption Listings
  272. Animal Care Services: Living Up To Its Name
  273. Sharing The Love: Guide Dogs And ‘Career Changers’
  274. On Santa's Lap: Pet Events, Adoptions, Rosie's Dog Beach & More
  275. The Empty Chair: How To Say Goodbye To Longtime Friends
  276. Students Look Into Animal Care Careers, Plus Adoptions & More!
  277. Strays Cast In The Spotlight In Long Beach 'Annie' Production
  278. Camp Fire Troop Burrows In With LBCC Bunnies
  279. Live Lobster Game Gets The Hook In Long Beach
  280. Pets & Animals: October Is A Critter Cornucopia
  281. Tips & Tricks For Your Pets To Avoid Flea Season
  282. 'A Dog's Purpose' Book Review Plus Adoptions & More
  283. Pet Responsibility Act SB 250: One Life Down, Eight To Go
  284. Book Review: Abigail Iris: The Pet Project
  285. Helping Pets & Humans Prepare For Emergencies
  286. First Cat, First License
  287. Revetting Pet Stores: The Good, Really Ugly & A Swell Idea
  288. Pet Fair, Animal Fundraiser & Adoptions In Long Beach
  289. Pets Should Also Be Safe And Sane On July 4th
  290. New Spay/Neuter Plates To Be Driving Force
  291. Pets Voting Pedro Nava For Attorney General
  292. Romancing The Zone: Dog Beach Faces New Name & Boundaries
  293. Where’s My License? Council Approves Cat Licensing
  294. Equal Rights For All: Long Beach Considers Cat Licensing
  295. ACS Takes Action In Recent Long Beach Coyote Attacks
  296. Terror Unleashed
  297. Does It Hurt to Be Real? Post-Easter Rabbit Adoption
  298. Kicked To The Curb? Complaints Curb Shore Cat Adoptions
  299. Not Just A Pretty Face: Bulldog Rescue & Responsibility
  300. Furry, Soft Speed Dating: Valentine’s Day At ACS
  301. Brown Pelicans Suffering Another Mysterious Illness
  302. Technology Helps Prevent Losing A Pet
  303. ACS Report Card: A+, With Room For Improvement
  304. Life On The Breakwater: Between A Rock & A Hard Place
  305. Wheely Willy Memorial Service, Adoptions & More
  306. Little Hero Exchanges Wheels for Wings
  307. In Memoriam: Dr. Loren Eslinger, Hero to Animals
  308. Uptown, Girl! Dog Playground Opens In Scherer Park
  309. All I Want For Christmas…
  310. A Wing & A Prayer: LB Vet Is Hero To His Flock
  311. Animal Carnival: 2009 Haute Dogs Howl’oween Parade
  312. Pussy & Pooch: High-Design In Excellent Taste
  313. Council Approves Study Of Animal-Welfare Plan
  314. Can You Have Your Advocacy & Eat It, Too?
  315. Back In Town! The Wiskers Guys Open New Pets Boutique
  316. Pet Adoption Notices
  317. Blessing Of The Pets
  318. Rover Redux: K-9 Corner Opens A Week After Lincoln Dog Park
  319. Local Pet Adoption Opportunities
  320. If Dogs Run Free: First of Two New Canine Parks Opens
  321. Cookbook Recipes Wanted For Animal Fundraiser
  322. Safety Net: ACS Unveils Redesigned Web Site
  323. One Man’s Best Friend
  324. Local Adoptions & Events From The Pets World
  325. The Dog's Dinner
  326. The Cat Days Of Summer — Adoption News & More
  327. Bless Their Pointy Little Ears: Unitarian Universalist Church’s Blessing For The Animals
  328. Driving Miss Doggy: Traveling With Your Pet
  329. Knee High on the 4th of July: Give These Guys a Yankee Doodle Dandy Home!
  330. Animal Communicator Terri Steuben: Learn How to Listen
  331. Special Olympics: Special People, Special Day, Special Friends
  332. Coyote Workshop & Pet Legislation Update
  333. Council Embraces Pet Legislation
  334. Animal Legislation Up For Approval At Council Meeting
  335. Pawprints In The Sand: The Mental Health Wellness Event
  336. They Make Great Listeners: Pet Literacy Launch
  337. Humanities Go Humane
  338. Rabbits Are Not Easter Bunnies: Living With Rodents
  339. The Health Freedom Expo Is Coming To LB
  340. Will It Alter the Numbers? The Pet Responsibility Act (SB 250)
  341. Local Pet Events & A Watery Vacation
  342. Random Clawings
  343. State Budget Leaves Out Pet Tax
  344. Thwarting the Thief of Hearts: Pet Theft Awareness
  345. Creature Comforters: The Adoption Feature
  346. Fallen Angels: A Tail Of Two Survivors
  347. Open House at ACS: Business Nowhere Near as Usual
  348. Latest Info On Dog Death, $5k Added To Reward
  349. Plea For Community Help To Solve Inhumane Death Of Dog
  350. Animal Care Services To Host Open House
  351. A Diet Of Red Herrings: The Case Of The Brown Pelican
  352. VIDEO: Animal Shelter Visit—Part Two Introduction
  353. A Visit from Santa Paws
  354. Random Clawings & A Stocking Full Of Kitty Litter
  355. The Gift Of A Lifetime
  356. Candlelight Vigil Planned to Save Feral Cats in Downey
  357. Is Your Dog Licensed? Sniffing Out Unregistered Pets
  358. Tackling A Tangled Web
  359. Yes You Can, Adopt an Obamawannabe Dog
  360. Pet Taxes? An Urgent Message To The Governor
  361. Emergency Pet Tips, Found Dog & A Call To Action
  362. Emergency Animal Information
  363. Video: A Day At Long Beach Animal Care Services
  364. Thinking Outside The Crate On Prop 8
  365. Honoring The Dogs of War
  366. The President Picks A Pup
  367. Defending Animals, One Panel At A Time
  368. Pet Overpopulation: Stewards & Rescues
  369. Compassionate Cuisine: They Are What They Ate
  370. CSULB Announces Campus Feral Cat Program
  371. Adoption, Animal Care Services & One Big Bunny
  372. Our Heroes: Quality Of Life vs. Quantity Of Mortality
  373. The Family That Spays Together
  374. Spay/Neuter Pets Bill Rejected By CA Senate
  375. Pet Overpopulation - Part 1: Responsibility
  376. Next Chapter For Penny: The Future Of The Acres Cat
  377. Friends of Long Beach Animals Adoption Candidates
  378. Planning Your Pets For Emergencies
  379. Doggies In The Window: Adoption Listings
  380. CSULB Feral Cat Update, Plus More Local Pet News
  381. CSULB Feral Cats Facing Eviction
  382. Our Pets: They Know Us, And Love Us Anyway