Dishcrawl: Barcrawling's Sophisticated Sibling Comes to Long Beach


It's kind of secretive, it's certainly social, and it's definitely meant for those who love the wonders of the gastronomical world. Foodies unite: Dishcrawl is coming to Downtown Long Beach.

A pubcrawl-gone-food, Dishcrawl invites attendees to eat at four as-of-yet unknown Long Beach restaurants in a single outing. Even merrier, the organization offers the chance for grubbers to meet the chefs of the creations they gorge on, providing a social aspect that makes the experience intimate and interactive.

O.C. Weekly broke news that Chef Walter Cotta will be involved but as pointed out, his double-duty servicing of L'Opera and Allegria still make uncertain which restaurant will be included on the crawl until 48 hours before the three-hour jaunt on March 12.

It should be no shock that Dishcrawl started in San Francisco. However, what should be shocking is its breadth of reach since 2010, having hosted cities ranging from Philadelphia to Anchorage, Hoboken to San Jose. This barcrawl's sophisticated sibling has become the foodie's new best friend.

And remember, even with dishcrawling, you gotta pace yourself.

Tickets are $45 and the event begins at 7PM on March 12. For more information, click here.

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