Best of Long Beach 2014 Winners: Shopping and Services

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Best of Long Beach 2014 Winners: Shopping and Services

In our final installment of Best of Long Beach 2014, we look to the people and the businesses who help us make our own lives a little easier, liven up our professional endeavors, or simply provide us some relief from the stresses of the day-to-day with a some good ol' fashion American-style consumer catharsis.


One-Day Christmas Store Event to Brighten the Holidays for 245 Families

For families who struggle to provide their children the bare necessities, Christmas gifts are a rarely afforded luxury. To help brighten the Holiday season for all, Better Balance for Long Beach (BBLB), the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation and volunteers will once again put on the "One Day Christmas Store - Shopping with Dignity" event on Saturday, December 20. 


Best of Long Beach 2014 Winners: Food and Drink

For many (including those here at the Post), the gastronomical goodness of Long Beach—or just the world in general—is its best feature. Food and drink do more than nourish our bodies; they connect us socially and make the neurons in the pleasure centers of our brains do a little happy dance.


Non-Denominational Laughs and Good Cheer: Scruples Scrutiny Scrufflepiklewickle & Sabotage

It is a rare treat indeed, especially in the depths of the commercialized good-tidings season, to be confronted with the genuinely-generous and spirited-actuality that is the 11th (!) annual melodrama from our good friends at The Garage and Alive Theaters. As the holidays seem to pile up, bogging us down with work, last minute planning, expensive travel, family time and consumer distractions, it is a blessing to find a quick escape that proves to be as necessary as it is irreverent.