Celebrating Long Beach Arts Month: Steven H. Garcia

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Long Beach Artist Brings Area Barbershops to Life Through Animation

Four months ago, Willcocks, who previously taught at Cal State Long Beach and is currently a professor of art at Redlands University, planted herself deep inside the neglected northernly part of the city. As part of an A LOT North initiative, she decided to depict the culture of barbershops in the city by photographing, interviewing and becoming one with the community to bring her animations to life. Her work, though, goes far beyond her exhibit that showed in a red cargo container during last weekend’s A LOT event.


Celebrating Long Beach Arts Month: Steven H. Garcia

October marks Long Beach Arts Month, and the Long Beach Post has partnered with the Arts Council for Long Beach to celebrate the image makers, the painters, the dancers, the designers, the musicians, and the countless other artists who make our city vibrant and cultured. Our homepage will feature an artist's own unique interpretation of Long Beach daily, so make sure to check back every weekday to discover or rediscover a local talent.


Gathering at Greenly to Promote Clever Use of Space for Local Artists

In an effort to continue creating community among artists, Greenly Art Space will host "The Gathering at Greenly,” a monthly meeting to help facilitate connections among local artists and representatives of arts venues. At this informal discussion on Sunday, attendees will share stories, get to know one another and explore ways to collaborate with each other.