Tattooing Legend Joe Truck Brings Body Art to Long Beach's Pine Avenue

Cynthia Luján Confronts the Inevitable in Latest Allery Installation, That Nothing Lasts Forever

Cynthia Luján is a boon to the Long Beach arts community, as a graduate of Cal State Long Beach’s (CSULB) Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting program and the Arts Council for Long Beach’s Special Projects Assistant. It’s only fitting that this visual artist, whose paintings are rife with vibrancy in color and movement, be given the chance to show her work at The Allery. Her installation will debut this Friday at Bixby Knolls’ First Fridays event.


Smitten with a Kitten: 'Keanu'

If a kitten hadn’t been the pivotal point of New Line Cinema’s crime comedy Keanu, I wouldn’t be reviewing it here and I definitely wouldn’t have seen it. But there was a cat in it, and I went, and I thought it was a pretty damned funny film, which I’m not embarrassed to say that I fully enjoyed.


PEOPLE POST: Hun Sen 101—Cambodia's Longtime Leader

The 17th of April was and is a very significant day for our Cambodian people. This year marks 41 years since the beginning of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, which lasted from 1975-1979. It is the day that Cambodian people around the world observe as our national mourning day and in solidarity with those who lost their lives in vain.


Jennifer Celio: Defining A Community

Jennifer Celio, a Long Beach-based fine artist who's work blends the surreal and the real, abstraction and association, and uses various media and techniques to produce images that grab the attention and evoke a sense of wonder, has just started a residency in the Ralston Family Learning Center, located in the basement of the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA). In this interview with Culture Agent columnist Sander Roscoe Wolff, Celio discusses the evolution of her work.


Dealing with Boredom Behaviors in Puppies

The goal of training your pup is to teach him or her specific behaviors to help avoid developing annoying or dangerous behavior problems. More dogs are put to sleep annually in animal shelters than die from diseases. The reasons are many, but certainly a major contributor to this sad state of affairs is people’s expectations of what dogs are all about and people’s failure to successfully guide their pups into healthy adulthood.