Celebrating Long Beach Arts Month: Angela Alannouf

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App Developed in Long Beach Connects Skateboarders Worldwide

For the small team of Long Beachers that make up the app-making company Join the Heard—Damian Hagger, Duncan Plexico, Christopher Carneal and Adam Page—there had never really been a moment until now for the quadruplet to pursue a passion project of their own. This was mostly because they were busy creating social networks for the passions of others rather than their own love: skating.


Long Beach Honors the World's Best Worst Singer

No amount of ridicule could have stopped the sheer force and determination of Florence Foster Jenkins, whose concert 70 years ago on October 25 was a testament to the idea that we often have to dismiss what society thinks of us. Which is precisely why Long Beach’s International City Theatre is taking on a relatively unknown stage-version of her tale, Glorious!


Celebrating Long Beach Arts Month: Angela Alannouf

October marks Long Beach Arts Month and the Long Beach Post has partnered with the Arts Council for Long Beach to celebrate the image makers, the painters, the dancers, the designers, the musicians, and the countless other artists who make our city vibrant and cultured. Our homepage will feature an artist's own unique interpretation of Long Beach daily so make sure to check back every weekday to discover or rediscover a local talent.


Long Beach's Guidance Center Showcases the Value of Art As Therapy

The American Art Therapy Association defines art therapy as a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by art therapists, use art to reconcile conflicting feelings and more. A goal in art therapy is to improve or restore a client’s functioning and his or her sense of personal well-being. Here at The Guidance Center, we understand these values and benefits of art therapy as they aid in the healing process for many of our own clients and their families.


Celebrating Long Beach Arts Month: Brianna Meli

CSULB student Brianna Meli is a self-described “lover of all things,” particularly fiber arts, an art form that hones in on the artist's creation of fabrics and patterns. Though many fiber artists create fabrics that are used for couches, apparel and curtains, the art is largely more aesthetically-driven than consumer-driven, showcasing the fiber artist’s incredible attention to minute details including sewing patterns and dye processes.