PizzaRev Offers Name-Your-Price Pizza for Grand Opening in Support of Long Beach Animal Care Services

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25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall: UAM Presents Famed German Photographer's Work Pre- and Post-Unification

German press photographer Barbara Klemm achieved what few press photographers achieve: turning her portfolio into both a work of art and a shining presentation of her country’s more recent history. In a rare partnership, Cal State Long Beach’s University Art Museum (UAM) has paired with the Goethe-Institut to present a retrospective of Klemm’s most iconic work by way of Barbara Klemm: Light and Dark, an exhibition by the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen).


Former Long Beach Resident Ryan Weatrowski to be Featured at Long Beach Indie Film Festival

The Long Beach Indie Film Festival, a showcase of international diversity through film, television and digital media, is taking place August 27-31 at the Cinemark at the Pike and the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Over 90 international and domestic films will be screened, bringing together both established and aspiring filmmakers, scholars, creative professionals and movie lovers from Long Beach and beyond.


Five Female Chefs Rocking the Long Beach Culinary Scene

To say that the women of Long Beach’s culinary world are inspiring is an absolute understatement. To say that they’re outstanding reminds me of how limiting this language is, of how I wish I could crumple up this online document and toss it backward into the trash bin. Where is the word for the woman who not only runs the back of the house, but also takes care of the business side of keeping her restaurant afloat? Where is the word for the woman who does this while she raises her children and maintains a happy marriage?


One Man's Dream to Bring Ramen to Long Beach

As a foodie, I must point out the one massive hole in the Long Beach culinary scene: ramen. Genuine, authentic, Japanese ramen. Kyushu or Hokkaido style I care not. I want the kind of ramen that you can find at Tsujita or Daikokuya in Los Angeles. Long Beach resident Duncan McGuire agrees, which is why the man is using Kickstarter to hopefully make his dream of bringing noodles to the LBC come true.