Best of Long Beach 2014: Shopping and Services

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Best of Long Beach 2014: Shopping and Services

In our final installment of Best of Long Beach 2014, we look to the people and the businesses who help us make our own lives a little easier, liven up our professional endeavors, or simply provide us some relief from the stresses of the day-to-day with a some good ol' fashion American-style consumer catharsis. Welcome to Best of Long Beach 2014: Shopping and Services.


Tough Luck, Bambi: Parks and Rec Votes to Grant Permits That Include 3-D Animal Targets

In August, a contentious meeting took place, with animal advocates and archery aficionados aiming barbs at each other over the use of three-dimensional life-size animal targets. The vote on three recommendations for non-exclusive revocable permits for three archery clubs was ultimately tabled and sent to the city attorney for examination and a report as to whether the animal targets could legally be removed.


Best of Long Beach 2014: Food and Drink

For many (including those here at the Post), the gastronomical goodness of Long Beach—or just the world in general—is its best feature. Food and drink do more than nourish our bodies; they connect us socially and make the neurons in the pleasure centers of our brains do a little happy dance. Welcome to Best of Long Beach 2014: Food and Drink.


Light at the Bottom of the Well: 15-Year Alcoholic Talks Abuse and MemorialCare's New Inpatient Program

Within the last few weeks, a Long Beach man—we'll call him John—said he lost control of his life. Stressed from new and what he considered unreasonable demands at his 19-year job, John turned to alcohol. But alcohol wasn't a new friend. Alcohol was his mistress, the thing he turned to when things got too rough for the past 15 years.