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Long Beach Filmmaker Opens Home to Lazy, Cinephilic Strangers for Short Film Festival

In the era of Airbnb, couch-surfing and other invasive (but fun) forms of people-connecting have proliferated. The oddity that being more connected than ever has also led to less face-to-face interaction has prompted many people to feel more comfortable opening their door to strangers. Long Beach resident Kathy Payton is one of those people who believes in the philosophy of open doors—particularly if it means an open door for a short film festival.


The 'Yearbook and Obituary' for Long Beach Gang Members that Became a Documentary

Something had to be done. The gang violence must end. Awareness must be spread. A better way of living had to be achieved. A seasoned photographer, Duke Givens decided to use his craft for good by creating a 1994 calendar entitled "Stop Gang Violence," which showed pictures and interviews with current and ex-gang members, as well as influential figures like Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G.


After Two Years Behind Shuttered Doors, Famed Long Beach Bookstore Finds New Home at Downtown Book Bar

Sé Reed's hint that she would eventually re-open her famed bookstore, Open, provided a bit of hope for the patrons who yearned to find independently printed books filled with the words of Long Beach poets or meander past a window display beautifully decked out. Eleven years after opening Open to the day, she announced on her Facebook that Open is indeed re-opening in what will soon be Long Beach’s first book bar, The Brass Lamp.


Ink and Press in Hand, the Long Beach Printmaking Collective Is Coming to Leave Its Mark

Print is dead, many pundits claim—and while they may be right on a mass consumption, media-driven level, the Long Beach Printmaking Collective (LBPC) wants to show off the beauty of intaglio-inspired printmaking, the art of silkscreening, the mechanics of a proofing press, and the overall glory of tangible prints.