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New Creative Internship Program Combines Arts with Economy

The Arts Council for Long Beach has announced that a new Creative Long Beach internship program will offer top students internship positions throughout the creative economy of the City. The program aims to match motivated high-level arts students with positions that will enable them to develop the skills necessary to work in the creative industry.


The 33rd Annual Literary Women Festival of Authors Hosts 800 Voracious Readers, Writers

The 33rd Annual Literary Women Long Beach Festival of Authors was held at the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend and boasted the attendance of 800 voracious readers, writers and literary supporters, who heard the invited authors, Kate Christensen, Cristina Henriquez, Sloane Crosley, Eleanor Morse, Jenny Offill, Jennifer Clement and Aimee Bender, speak about writing as liberating, journalistic, as a form of protest, as fulfilling, uplifting and innate.