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A Six Year Journey of Success: Kelli-Jain’s Story

When Kim Hirado and her husband, Judson Feder, decided to have children later in life they knew they might run into complications. At 43-years-old Hirado underwent successful in vitro fertilization, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with twins. As is the case with many twins, Hirado and Feder’s babies were born prematurely, at just 25 weeks.


Facing Her Toughest Opponent: Getting Corinne Back in the Game After Breast Cancer

Corinne Garthoff met her husband on the beaches of Belmont Shore. Avid volleyball players, the couple often enjoyed friendly competition on the courts with other Long Beach locals. One evening, after a full day of activity, Corinne’s back was sore. Lying facedown so her husband could “crack” her back, she felt a painful lump in her right breast.


Everybody Poops: When It Comes to Your Child's Health, It's The Color That Matters

Thousands of children in the United States are living with pediatric digestive and nutritional disorders because gastrointestinal conditions and its symptoms aren’t always recognized and every child’s body is different. When it comes to getting to the “bottom” of the matter, the color of their bowel movement can indicate good or poor gastrointestinal health.