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Thankful and Hopeful After My Recent Diagnosis; Please Remember to Get Screened

It was so easy to put off—but it was a dire mistake. I had not had a mammogram in six years. Breast cancer does not run in my family so I mistakenly presumed I didn't have anything to worry about. I've come to find out this is all-too-common among women; it took my dear friend Donna Luman mentioning her own recent mammogram and insisting I get one too to finally convince me to go. Within just a handful of days, I went from a mammogram to a biopsy to a lumpectomy that ultimately revealed I was in the early stages of breast cancer.


Focusing on the Kind of Integrated Gynecologic Cancer Care that Heals

Gynecologic cancer care for women beginning treatment is unique to each person. Treatment can vary and can include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other necessary options to fight the disease effectively. When we hear the phrase “cancer care,” it may be assumed that care is, most importantly, given to the body but there are additional ways to ensure that women fight back against cancer and beat the disease.


OP-ED: Proposition 46 Will Increase Patient Safety

Each year as many as 440,000 Americans die as the result of medical negligence, according to a recent study in the Journal of Patient Safety. That makes medical negligence the third-leading cause of death in this country, behind only heart disease and cancer.


Jacob's Story

Jacob De La Cruz runs around the hallways of Miller Children’s, fighting evil and saving the world, as all superheroes do. His parents, Marella and Richard, smile in amazement at Jacob’s courage, contagious laugh and love for life.