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Light at the Bottom of the Well: 15-Year Alcoholic Talks Abuse and MemorialCare's New Inpatient Program

Within the last few weeks, a Long Beach man—we'll call him John—said he lost control of his life. Stressed from new and what he considered unreasonable demands at his 19-year job, John turned to alcohol. But alcohol wasn't a new friend. Alcohol was his mistress, the thing he turned to when things got too rough for the past 15 years.


Long Beach Memorial Opens New Lung Nodule Center, Diagnosing Lung Cancer Earlier

The MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial announced the opening of its new Lung Nodule Center today. This new center is not only a vital resource for those who have a high risk for lung cancer, but helps anyone diagnosed with lung nodules get ahead of potential disease. The expanded lung screening program provides individualized, comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and follow-up care for those with lung nodules.


A Six Year Journey of Success: Kelli-Jain’s Story

When Kim Hirado and her husband, Judson Feder, decided to have children later in life they knew they might run into complications. At 43-years-old Hirado underwent successful in vitro fertilization, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with twins. As is the case with many twins, Hirado and Feder’s babies were born prematurely, at just 25 weeks.