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Video Q&A: Chad Bishop Talks About Making Music in Long Beach

This Thursday, August 27, Chad Bishop is performing at the Federal Bar. Last week, he took some time to speak on camera with Culture Agent columnist Sander Roscoe Wolff. Bishop, a singer, songwriter and musician, talks about his childhood in Alabama, working in the Hip Hop club scene, studying music production at Long Beach City College (LBCC), and connecting with his two main bands: In Contempt and The Master Plan. 


Punk Rock Documentarian Stewart Dean Ebersole Signs Copies of BARRED FOR LIFE at the Seventh Wave Surf Shop

The spirit of early-'80s punk-rock came alive in a back room of the Seventh Wave Surf Shop on Fourth Street last night. Author/photographer Stewart Dean Ebersole signed copies of his book Barred For Life and gave a slideshow presentation that summoned memories of local punk venues like the Cuckoo's Nest in Huntington Beach, and the Nugget and Fender's in Long Beach.


Renowned Beatmaker FREE THE ROBOTS to Headline Local Show

Why does Long Beach still matter to the rest of the music industry? is the question organizers of Society for Long Beach Music and Falling Mirrors Collective would like to answer this Thursday at the Federal Underground, during an event that seeks to showcase both local and popular talent in one, perfectly curated night of multiple musical genres.