Developing ‘Your Intimate Noise’ In 35mm

Just a few weeks into her first photography class in community college back in Redding, Jess Giles got her $800 digital SLR camera stolen. A friend had loaned it to her, and he felt bad that she had to pay for something she barely had a chance to use. So he gave her a spare Minolta film camera.


Bill Lanham: Music Is Everything

In this video interview, musician and resident genius Bill Lanham talks about his storied career playing with Joe Walsh and touring with countless big-name music acts. He's playing this Friday night at diPiazza's Restaurant & Lounge with Spirit of Zeppelin, which is fronted by legendary musician Frank Simes. Simes is currently the musical director for The Who and Roger Daltry.


Jimmy Hewitt's Soul Dogg at Seabird Friday

Jimmy Hewitt and the Soul Dogg Band will be performing this Friday, April 15th, at the Seabird Jazz Lounge. Fronting the band will be Lyrica Garrett, whose professional singing career began when she was discovered by Tina Turner. In this interview with Culture Agent columnist Sander Roscoe Wolff, Hewitt talks about studying with guitar greats, and recording with many top name artists.