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Wrigley's Urban Garden Seeks Buyer as Lease Ends

The urban farming community in Long Beach is vastly expanding, as events like farm-to-table popups Downtown or Farm Lot 59 catering to businesses like Chianina are not uncommon anymore. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee its existence as Long Beach Organic (LBO) is reaching out to the community to seek a buyer for its Wrigley Village Garden (WVG).


Long Beach's Protected Bike Lanes Need Protected Intersections

Safety is the biggest reason people don’t ride bikes—and rightfully so: despite the fact that being a pedestrian is more dangerous than being a bicyclist, the perception of bicycling’s danger is obvious. After all, who wants to pedal side-by-side with a two-ton piece of metal that can travel at deadly speeds? What the bike lanes throughout Long Beach need are protected intersections.