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Open-sourcing our work

The Long Beach Post is working toward open-sourcing more of our work, especially our data-driven journalism, investigative reporting and reporting concerning public health and policy.

We have begun to make all of our data backing our reporting available publicly both so other reporters, students, educational institutions and researchers can build on our work, and so the public can audit our reporting.

We are working toward a system to easily identify what portions of our work are open sourced and licensed for free re-use, and to easily guide those interested toward the backing data for any given project.

In the meantime, refer to the re-publishing policy below for any stories that are not explicitly marked as open-source.

Re-publishing our stories

All content published on this website is the copyright of the Long Beach Post. However, the first 150 words, rounded up to the end of the sentence, of any story from the Long Beach Post may be republished without the need for permission, as long as the following elements are included:

  • the original headline
  • the author’s byline
  • the original publication date
  • a link to the original story, in the format “Read more on the Long Beach Post“, or similar.

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