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It’s a busy time at Molina Healthcare. Besides having offices in 17 states and two U.S. territories, Molina Healthcare has doubled its revenue between 2012 and 2014 and continues to focus its attention on low-income people in need of healthcare.

Throughout it all, the company’s been labeled as low-stress.

Molina Healthcare landed on Business Insider’s list of least stressful companies to work for in 2015 this week, based on data compiled by the employer-information website PayScale.

“On one hand, it’s interesting that we made the list,” Molina Healthcare CFO John Molina told the Post, noting it was the first time the company has been ranked based on the stress level of its employees. “We’re growing so fast, with so much going on, that [some could say] ‘Man, that’s stressful.’”

PayScale surveyed employees of companies that made the Fortune 500 list in 2014, calculating scores based on six categories: high job satisfaction, low job stress, ability to telecommute, high job meaning, experienced median pay/total cash compensation and salary data.  


The survey, released Monday, gave Molina Healthcare a 20 percent rating, lumping it into the “least stressful” group along with companies like Delta Air Lines (14 percent), the J.M. Smucker Co. (15 percent), Live Nation Entertainment (21 percent), and The Priceline Group (21 percent).

Molina said exercise programs, the company’s “family atmosphere” and its emphasis on helping others most likely contributed to the rating.

“People come to work every day knowing that they make an impact on someone’s life,” he said. “They’re working hard, but for a good reason.”

The company was founded in 1980 by Molina’s father, emergency room doctor C. David Molina, as a clinic designed to serve low-income, uninsured, or non-English speaking patients. It has grown to serve the same population across the country through clinics, health care plans, and Molina Medicaid Solutions, a “wholly-owned subsidiary” that assists state Medicaid agencies in technology design, development, implementation and operation.

Molina said that in addition to serving low-income subsets of the population, the company has a policy that encourages volunteering, which might increase their sense of purpose. Molina Healthcare offers all employees two paid days to volunteer in a community they live or work in.

“We want our employees to give back — it’s important to us to have a constant reminder of the people [we] serve,” Molina said.

Annual picnics, employee recognition and an “academy” that trains Molina employees across the country in Long Beach contributes to what Molina describes as a familial atmosphere. At Molina Academy, employees spend two to three days at company headquarters and meet the members of the founding family, who are senior executives like John Molina. Molina said the company values that connection and sense of family. Employee referrals are also highly regarded, as the company remains family-operated and appreciates connecting with people who have strong character.


Molina also said the company places exercise rooms that employees can use for free in its Long Beach locations and supports bike-to-work groups and official bike programs.

“Exercise is important,” Molina said. “They say if you exercise, stress goes down.”

The location of Molina Healthcare’s headquarters doesn’t hurt when it comes to Molina’s placement on the “least stressed” either, said Molina.

“Being in Long Beach helps,” he said. “There is so much going on—arts, music and more. We take pride in our location.”

The full methodology for the Business Insider/PayScale analysis can be found here.

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