Long Beach’s International City Bank Ranks 2nd in State For Top Performing Banks With Under $1B in Assets • Long Beach Post

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International City Bank (ICB), headquartered in Long Beach, has lots to celebrate this month.

Last week, S&P Global Market ranked the bank the second top-performing bank in California among similar institutions with assets below $1 billion.

“It was pretty exciting because we didn’t know how we compared,” said ICB Director Michael C. Miller. “We certainly had very positive growth last year to major assets. [However], the ranking isn’t just based on profitability, but a variety of factors.”

Miller pointed out the six different categories of measurement evaluated by S&P, including loan growth rate, net interest margins, adjusted Texas ratio, efficiency ratio, NCOs/average loans and ROATA before tax.

ICB ranked 41st in the nation for banks with below $1 billion in assets, with total assets at $162.9 million, a loan growth rate of 22.51 percent, a net interest margin of 4.79 percent, adjusted Texas ratio of 3.38 percent, an efficiency ratio of 76.58 percent, NCOs/average loans of -.099 percent and ROATA before tax coming in at 2.03 percent.

ICB was ranked 36th for loan growth in one year, among the 4,715 total banks in the country with assets below $1 billion.

“We thought we had a good year, but we didn’t know how we compared to our peers,” said Miller. “When you look at the numbers across the board, they’re all pretty good.”

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