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A new midterm project for a class in California State University, Long Beach’s (CSULB) journalism and communications department is offering free PR campaigns to local businesses—a unique real-world experience for undergraduates majoring in journalism and communications.

The class, titled “PR Campaigns and Management,” involves the students completing a midterm project creating a public relations campaign for a real business based in Long Beach. 

“I thought it would be great for students to have a real-life situation and create a win-win situation,” said Lissette Flores, first-time lecturer for the course. “It can create growth and awareness for the companies.” 

Companies have been asked to submit their name by August 25 to be eligible for the project. Once the class begins at the end of August, students will have the chance to choose a business they prefer, and collaborate with them consistently in creating a PR strategy. The campaign is set to be finalized by mid-October, as the mid-term project. 

According to Flores, 40 to 50 companies have already submitted their names. This means some companies will be excluded when the students choose their collaborators for the project, but they will have the opportunity to work with students on a free campaign in the future, according to Flores. 

“We’re covering all industries—fitness, chiropractors, dentists and caterers. It’s awesome to have that kind of diversity,” said Flores. 

Notably, Flores said quite a few of the organizations that have submitted their names are nonprofits. A free campaign could mean a lot to them, as many do not have the funding for such endeavors. 

“Hopefully, we’re helping businesses [and nonprofits] grow locally, and give them the opportunity to do something they haven’t done yet,” said Flores.

To submit your business, submit Your name, phone number and company website URL address to [email protected] by August 25. (If your organization does not have a website, provide a description of the business and how you use social media in one to three sentences.)

For additional information, contact Lissette Flores at the above email address or by phone at 562.243.2615.

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