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CHILL 2015 Press1

Photo courtesy of The Queen Mary. 

Ice rinks, sledding and snow-covered ground in California’s often warm November and December. If it’s not a miracle, then what is?

The Queen Mary’s sixth annual CHILL will kick off once again on November 23, to last through January 8, 2017, according to an announcement. The usual festivities will include, in no particular order: ice skating, ice tubing, sleigh rides, visits with Santa and an interactive and immersive Alice in Winterland experience.


Alice in Winterland is a re-imagining of the classic Lewis Carroll story, involving an “interactive and digitally immersive 14,000-square foot walk-through experience.” Larger-than-life lanterns will line the walls of the space, full of “hidden secrets of adventure with RIFD technology,” and a way to follow Alice into the Hall of Doors, the White Rabbit’s Kitchen, Mad Hatter’s Work Shop, Tea Party, the Hedge Maze and visits from the Caterpillar and new Queen of Diamonds.

Count on that standby Ice Tubing attraction as well, a perennial fixture of CHILL, with 100-foot long ice slides. The 6,000-square foot skating rink, also a standby, includes a backdrop of the “picturesque Queen Mary ship.”

A post office, gingerbread house, and more also await the adventurous.

CHILL pricing starts at $39.99 for adults and $29.99 for kids (ages 4 through 11). Tickets include entrance to Alice in Winterland, Ice Tubing, CHILL Village and access to The Queen Mary ship. Hotel and VIP packages are also available. CHILL will be open select dates November 23 through January 8. For more information, including hours or to purchase tickets online, visit

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