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Photos by Asia Morris. Owner Tim Terrelli stands, second from the right. 

They did it. They officially kicked it up a notch, bringing “Sexy Bagels” to downtown Long Beach.

Today, Belmont Shore staple Aroma di Roma opened a sister location at Magnolia and Ocean, dubbed Aroma di Roma Centro, on the ground floor of the 444 West Ocean Boulevard building. 

“I want to thank and congratulate everyone who made this happen,” said Aroma di Roma owner Tim Terrelli.

With a quick cut of the ribbon, downtown’s newest “hideaway” was officially in business.

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“We are excited to expand into Downtown Long Beach primarily to see how we fare outside of our home for the past 13 years, to see if our business model will work elsewhere, and to share the product (Coffee, Panini, Breakfast) we love with another community,” owner Tim Terrelli told the Post in an interview earlier this week. “Downtown Long Beach has always been on the radar due to the fact that developments in the area have been increasing annually.”

Read more about the not-so-secret downtown sanctuary, including its use of Vittoria Coffee (an Australian coffee company), and, as always, those Sexy Bagels, here

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