Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach Opens New Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation Pediatric Urology & Nephrology Center • Long Beach Post

Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital of Long Beach announced the opening of its new Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation Pediatric Urology & Nephrology Center today, made possible by a donation from the Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation to the Memorial Medical Center Foundation. 

According to a release issued by the hospital, the center is one of the few health centers in Southern California to combine urology and renal programs (both from Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital) to provide comprehensive care. Helen Hoag donated the money to specifically allow children to receive specialty care closer to home, rather than at far away medical facilities. 

“The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation Pediatric Urology & Nephrology Center provides many new opportunities and better outcomes for Miller Children’s and our patients,” says Deepak Rajpoot, M.D., medical director, pediatric nephrology, Miller Children’s in a statement. “With our two programs joining forces under one roof, it gives us the opportunity to work together to develop treatment plans that cover all the needs for our patients for any urological or renal condition. Not only does this new Center make things much easier and less stressful for our patients, but it makes us a leader in California for all urology and nephrology care.”

By housing urology and nephrology physicians under one roof, the center can offer multi-disciplinary care, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease to providing surgical procedures ranging from circumcisions to complicated genital and urinary anomalies to technological innovation. 

The center will also allow physicians to complete complicated reconstructive surgeries and complete testing and treatment of complex congenital conditions under one roof. 

“This new Center is another step forward in our ongoing mission here at Miller Children’s of advancing pediatric health care,” says Divya Joshi, M.D., chief medical officer of Miller Children’s in a statement. “None of it would have been possible without the generous support of The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation.”

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