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Nate Hudson

Nate Hudson. Photos courtesy of Taylor Global, Inc. 

For the past 63 days, an average day for Nate Hudson has looked like this: Wake up. Ride. Meet with state legislators. Chat about motorcycle safety. Set up camp. Get some sleep. Repeat.

He’s stayed in grubby hotels and camped under the stars in the Sierra Nevadas across 32 states. He rode his bicycle in the sunshine and rain. Most memorably, the rain.

“In Colorado, I did 850 miles of backroads in 2.5 days,” Hudson said. “I was chased by a tornado once.”

Hudson is in the midst of a tour, in partnership with Allstate Insurance, across all 50 U.S. states to raise awareness about motorcycle safety. His campaign includes stops at every state capitol to discuss questions on the state driver’s license test regarding motorcycle safety.

Having visited 32 states thus far, the Post caught up with Hudson in Long Beach yesterday. He left for Hawaii, the next stop of his tour, today.

RFA Route Map

The Allstate Ride for Awareness Route. 

Hudson has been riding motorcycles for 20 years. He’s lived in Long Beach for 11 years, and owned the dealership British American Motors for nine years. When the opportunity arose to advocate for increased motorcycle safety and awareness in the Allstate Ride for Awareness, he jumped.

“It’s just one of those things for anyone who rides motorcycles—trying to ride in all 50 states is a no-brainer,” said Hudson. He said the cause was near and dear to his heart, as well as the hearts of other state legislators. In states as varied as the East Coast and the midwest, state legislators greeted him with open arms and various promises to improve motorcycle collision awareness through the driver’s license program and other means. 

“[It’s] because it’s all about safety,” he said.

Helmet laws and raising awareness of motorcycle collisions, especially at intersections, are the main focus of the campaign. That, and enjoying the ride, which the weather continues to make interesting.

“Out there, it’s only me,” Hudson said. “On a motorcycle, it’s a little different. There’s no steel cage around you.”

Nate Hudson 2

The tour kicked off in New York City in Manhattan 64 days ago. With 18 states left, Hudson will fly to Hawaii to ride around, head back to the U.S., take a ferry from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska, and proceed to drive across the northern states toward New York to finish.

Instead of meeting with buddies at various points of the day and speaking with legislators, Hudson was content to finish his laundry and sleep in his own bed yesterday.

After driving through 10 states in two days during the beginning legs of his trip, Hudson’s days on the road between states have grown longer and more physically intense. But he’s still enjoying every second. If not for the riding, then for the cause.

“If we were able to save one more life through this trip, then we did what we set out to accomplish,” said Hudson.

Follow the remainder of Hudson’s journey on InstagramFacebook, or the Allstate Ride for Awareness website

Nate Hudson 3

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