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A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us spotted someone dumping this adorable bunny in the park. The rabbit was covered in his own filth. The perp took off as soon as he saw a pack of animal advocates coming after him (coward)—luckily for him, everyone’s first thought was of the rabbit. We packed him into a crate and took him to the Bunny Barn at Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS).

Poor little rabbit

Notice the filth on the poor little guy’s feet and ears. Didn’t affect the lucky-rabbit’s foot aspect, because he was grabbed up and saved. Photo by Kate Karp

The Bunny Barn was established in 2015 by way of an Eagle Scout project headed by Jason Barnes from Boy Scout Troop #357. Domestic rabbits who have been heartlessly dumped as this little guy was are brought here to be cared for and fed by Head Ears Daniel Marolda and devoted volunteers. They get to hop around in the hay and get cooed at until someone who loves and understands issues that bunnies have comes to adopt them.

Bunny Barn

Bunny Barn, with Daniel Marolda firmly in charge. Photo by ACS

Families coveting Easter bunnies were put off by the fact that the little fellow didn’t stay little and had issues and responsibilities that stuffed rabbits don’t have. Their teeth grow, and they need something tough to chew. Carrots are not their entire diet—they’re not Bugs Bunny. If you don’t cover all the electric wires in your house, they’ll chew through them and may get electrocuted in the process. And like cats and dogs, they need to be spayed or neutered, especially if you have two of the opposite gender. They breed like cats, who in turn breed like rabbits.

If they’re lucky, the family will relinquish them to a rescue or a shelter. If they’re not, they’ll be dumped like this guy was, to the fate of cars, dogs, weather, cruel people and wild rabbits, who have been known to attack and kill dumped domestic ones. Who knows what would have happened?

Sign in Bunny Barn

Sign in the Bunny Barn. Wish more people would heed it. Photo by Kate Karp

And as for the rabbit, he’s doing great, and is ready for adoption. He’s a Hotot, which is a French-bred bunny marked by the Cleopatra eyeliner and has been named Oddie. His ID number is A600010. Here he is, nice and clean, along with some of his bunkmates. The worst photo I can remember taking, but I didn’t notice until I’d left the shelter. Just imagine the little guy all white where he’s supposed to be all white.



All the photos are mine, and if they’re not terribly good, see the subjects in person on the shelter side of the P. D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village, 7700 East Spring Street (at entrance to El Dorado Park—no parking fee to Pitchford guests) and ask for the Bunny Barn.


Blanche (ID# A598045) is a brown-and-white shorthair, around two years old. Blanche was surrendered by her owner—sad, because she’s one friendly little girl. Came right up to me to check me out and have her photo taken.


Stanley resembles Oddie, but he’s a black-and-white American. Stanley came in as a stray (I read that as “dumped”—or his mama was), and he’s only 6 months old—just a baby, He’s very pretty!

Things to Do, Pets to Support

Fix Online Fund-Raiser

Online Fund-Raiser for Fix Long Beach
November 10–December 18
More information

Here’s a charming way to support Fix Long Beach and get your holiday shopping done early. Custom Stepping Stones will create an artistic engraved stone to your specs for you, your pet, a loved one or all three! Simply pick out your stone and the coloring, input your wording on the drop-down menu and select “FIX.” A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to Fix Long Beach to help cover a spay or a neuter procedure for a dog a or a cat. Everybody must get stones!


Black Fur Friday Pet Adoption Event
Friday, November 26, noon–3:00PM, Pussy and Pooch Pethouse and Pawbar, 4818 East Second Street, Long Beach
Adoption fees apply; include spay/neuter, vaccines, vetting

This event combines Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, in the true sense of the word. Two local rescues—not businesses, of course, but small in the sense that they’re privately run and donation based, will have loving pets to adopt out and a few great gift ideas! Stop by and meet the cats from Zoey’s Place and the doggies from Live Love Animal Rescue, and say hi to the dedicated volunteers who make it happen for pets and people!

Cat Adoption Center - Copy

Pet Adoption Event at PFE
Saturday, December 2, 11:00AM–3:00PM, Pet Food Express, 4220 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach
Adoption fees apply

Find your new BFF and everything that he or she could ever want or need, in one place. Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) and other rescues will be bringing some wonderful dogs ready to go home with their new people. Everything is high quality at Pet Food Express, and that includes the adoptive pets! Check out the Cat Adoption Center, featuring fine felines from Long Beach Animal Care Services and Stray Cat Alliance.

Fix Long Beach logoHope for Paws

Fix Long Beach Free Spay/Neuter Clinic
Saturday, December 9, 7:30AM–4:00PM, Houghton Park, 6500 Atlantic Avenue (near Jordan High), Long Beach
No charge for procedures; $15–$25 donation suggested

The grassroots free spay/neuter organization Fix Long Beach invites you to make an appointment for your unfixed dog, or get vouchers for free procedures for your dog or cat! These clinics are generously sponsored through Hope for Paws and Eldad Hagar.

Visit this link for qualifications and an application for your appointment. There is also a donation button to help Fix Long Beach continue their efforts. Click the organization’s Amazon Wish List link to donate items, or bring them to the event if you find a better deal!

Let’s continue to help make Long Beach no kill, one pet at a time!

Whiskers in Wonderland

Whiskers in Wonderland Fund-Raiser for The Little Lion Foundation
Saturday, December 16, 2:30PM–5PM, Mimi’s Café, 12727 Towne Center Drive, Cerritos
Silent auction prices apply

Join these big-hearted rescuers for their inaugural winter fund-raiser! You can help save a life and have fun while doing it! This year alone, The Little Lion Foundation has rescued over 200 kittens and has grown a lot faster than expected. Since opening in May 2016 they have already spent about $30,000 on vet bills for the rescue kitties.  As of right now, they owe their vet about $6,000, and they would like to start off the year debt free!

Pet First Aid-CPR Flyer PFE Jan 20 2018

Pet CPR First Aid and Training
Saturday, January 20, 2018, 11:00AM–4:00PM, Pet Food Express, 4220 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach
$75 registration fee

Register early for this inclusive workshop that will prepare you for emergency situations involving pets. The workshop is appropriate for individuals interested in working in the veterinary field, for animal shelters and rescues, as police officers, or simply as Good Samaritans and prepared pet owners. All materials will be provided. Early registration is recommended, as seating is limited. For more information, see flier above.



Available Now: Helen Sanders CatPAWS 13-Month 2018 “Show Us Your Kitties” Calendar

The new CatPAWS calendar, subtitled “Rescue Is Love,” is available for $10 at this link. All the pets are CatPAWS rescues, now in loving homes. Large, full-color photos for each month, plus honorarium thumbnails on individual days. A mosaic of all entries is included as well. All funds from the entry contest and calendar sales will go toward veterinary care, food and other needs of the wonderful kitties up for adoption (see them all here!). You may also pick up a calendar at one of our adoption centers in Seal Beach or Long Beach, California:

Petsmart, 12341 Seal Beach Boulevard, Seal Beach

Petco, 6500 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach

Free Pet Food Distributions

BEacon For Him

Papa, a big “teddy bear’ of a dog, sits with his human in Ashlee’s Pet Care station at Beacon for Him.

Beacon for Him has extended an outreach for people experiencing homelessness and their pets. Pet food, primarily dog food, is available at their facility at 439 West Anaheim Street, Mondays from 9:00AM to noon and Saturdays from noon to 3:00PM. A dog-washing station with a stainless-steel tub is also available onsite at these hours. Donations and supplies such as shampoo, flea control and, of course, pet food are always gratefully accepted.

Pet food bank

The Pet Food Bank is sponsored by Christian Outreach in Action. COA is located at 515 E 3rd St, Long Beach. Hours are Thursday from 9:00AM to 11:00AM.

 Shelter Enrichment

Shelter-Enrichment Supplies Needed for ACS Dogs!
Drop-off: Wednesdays through Fridays, 10:00AM–5:30PM and Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00AM–4:00PM, 7700 East Spring Street, Long Beach
Individual donations requested

ACS is continuing our kennel enrichment activities for our canine guests here and could use so more donations (there are plenty for the cats!). Here is what’s needed:

  • creamy peanut butter
  • yogurt
  • beef broth (canned or in the box)
  • chicken broth (canned or in the box)
  • incense
  • carabiner clips (heavy duty)
  • ice cube trays
  • pipe cleaners
  • toilet paper/paper towel rolls
  • corks
  • catnip
  • incense and essential oils
  • canned cat and dog food

Donations are tax deductible. Our pups say thanks so much!

 Shelter Shots

Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) Information for Low-Cost Vaccinations and Spay/Neuter Clinics
7700 East Spring Street at entrance to El Dorado Park (no fee for shelter visitors), Long Beach
Prices vary

Vouchers that take a big bite, so to speak, out of the cost of spay/neuter procedures are available at ACS during their public hours. Visit this link for information on clinics that accept the vouchers and for other spay/neuter assistance.

For low-cost vaccines, visit this link. Note that pet owners must be 18 years or older, all pets must be on leashes or in carriers, and only healthy and non-pregnant animals will be vaccinated. Please bring prior vaccination information with you to the clinic. Vaccination and microchip services are provided for pets residing in any city. Licensing is provided for residents within our jurisdiction at Saturday clinics; please bring your renewal notice and rabies certificate with you.

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