130 in Willmore City Area of Long Beach Without Power Due to Overhead Power Line Issues • Long Beach Post

About 130 people are without power in the Willmore City area of Long Beach due to problems with overhead power lines, according to Southern California Edison (SCE) officials.

SCE announced the incident on via Twitter around 5:00PM:

According to a SCE spokesperson, the power outage is related to poles and wires, and the Estimated Time of Recovery (ETR) is 8:30PM. She said SCE would not be providing resources such as generators this time, as the location is outside of the downtown area and the last two power outages were “anomalies.” 

The SCE power outage map states the power outage began around noon Friday. 

The boundaries of the power outage are currently between Loma Vista Drive to the north, West Seventh Street to the South, Maine Avenue to the east, and DeForest Avenue to the west, according to the SCE spokeswoman. The original boundaries were between Loma Vista Drive to the north, West Pier D Street to the south, Main Avenue to the east, and Pico Avenue to the west. 

Two power outages have occurred in the last month. The last two power outages occurred as a result of explosions in underground vaults downtown, leading to a blackout of parts of the downtown network grid. This power outage is located to the north of the downtown grid. 

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