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In an announcement that we all knew would eventually come – but is still difficult to believe – the iconic Acres of Books announced yesterday that it will close its doors for good in just over one month, on October 18.  Everything in stock remains at 50% off and reduced hours (Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm) are in effect until the final day.

The imminent closing of Acres remained one of the most heated city issues of the summer, after the property was acquired by the City of Long Beach’s Redevelopment Agency for $2.8 million.  The RDA plans to raze the entire block of Third Street and Long Beach Blvd. to make way for a new, attractive residential/commercial project.

This story by Karen Robes Meeks in the Press-Telegram tells us what to expect for the site once the RDA gets ahold of it:

“The 240 Long Beach Blvd. property is a key component in a mixed-use redevelopment project that city officials say would connect downtown and the East Village.

The project, bordered by Broadway, Long Beach Boulevard, Third Street and Elm Avenue, will contain commercial uses, housing and a public art center.”

Prices will drop to 60% off tomorrow, then proceed to drop in increments until books are 90% off in the final week.  Any remaining inventory will be donated.

By Ryan ZumMallen, Managing Editor

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