Attention, Park Aficionados: The City will be Removing Trees in Long Beach Parks, Starting Tomorrow • Long Beach Post


The city will start removing dead and dying trees in Long Beach’s parks to ensure the public’s safety and support the growth of new trees this Friday, August 5, city officials announced yesterday. 

The tree removal will occur in Wardlow, Ramona, Bixby, Hudson and Admiral Kidd Parks, according to the release. 

Likely issued as a cautionary move in the aftermath of the public outcry that followed the significant pruning of Bluff Park’s coral trees in June, the release notes that many trees are nearing the end of their life cycle and are prone to toppling over or limbs falling.

The month before last, community members took time to deplore the city’s chopping of coral trees, which were used as a means of shade by the local yoga community who engaged in yoga on the Bluff. Little notice was provided in the situation, and the community took to social media in droves, scolding the city.


In response to the outcry, the city posted a Facebook statement, apologizing for its lack of outreach and explaining its reasons for “significant” pruning of the trees—namely that the trees are nearing the end of their lifespan, and the city is attempting to extend their lives before they eventually require removal.

A city audit published at the end of June found that the trees within the city were found to be in dire need of maintenance and investment, as over one-fourth of the trees in the city are dead or considered in poor condition. The problem was partially attributed to a lack of human resources, due to an expansion of park space and static staffing levels.


Most of the limb failure has been confined to El Dorado Regional, Heartwell, Wardlow and Houghton Parks, according to a city release.

For more information about Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine tree trimming activity, visit to see tree trimming location maps and schedules.

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