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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors stands in official opposition to a state bill that would reduce the number of county seats on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors, while giving the City of Long Beach, the State Assembly speaker and the president pro tempore of the State Senate individual seats.

Sponsored by State Senator Tony Mendoza of Artesia, Senate Bill 1379 would cut the seats set aside for all five county supervisors down to two.

Today, Supervisor Hilda Solis recommended the board send a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders opposing the bill, encouraging county lobbyists to advocate against it.

When Mendoza introduced the bill, he called the system “lopsided,” questioning the current method for determining seats of the board. The current board also includes Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and three of his appointees, as well as four members appointed from other cities and one non-voting member appointed by the governor.


“It is critical that the Board delivers on the needs of all residents in Los Angeles County,” Mendoza said in a release last month. “Unfortunately, the current make-up of the Board does not equitably reflect the County as a whole.”

Solis countered today, stating that the supervisors act on behalf of the incorporated cities in the county, including Long Beach, including the unincorporated areas.

Supervisor Michael Antonovich amended Solis’ motion to also oppose any measure that would reduce the county’s representation on the board or expand representation by the City of Los Angeles. He said if Mendoza wanted a board truly representational of the region, he should reallocate the seats the City of LA.

City News Service contributed this report.

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