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Airport ParkingA Ribbon Cutting 

Mayor Robert Garcia cuts a ceremonial ribbon for Long Beach Airport’s Parking Structure A. Photos courtesy of City of Long Beach.

Long Beach city officials gathered at Long Beach Airport Wednesday morning to celebrate the renovations made to a parking structure meant to improve pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow.

“This project is a part of a larger vision of ensuring that the Long Beach Airport remains a world-class airport for ease and efficiency for residents and visitors alike,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement.

Parking Structure A had been closed since January 7 to allow for the months-long improvements that took place. The structure is located near the Historic Terminal.

Airport ParkingA Structure A

The upgrades include a new dual-cab elevator tower with glass windows overlooking the Historic Terminal and LGB airfield, a new outdoor metal stairwell, a new dual-lane passenger vehicle exit, implementation of airport wayfinding signs, interior and exterior painting and landscaping to the surrounding area, energy efficient LED lighting, restriping and 80 Clean Air Vehicle parking spaces as required by state law.

More than 1,000 parking spaces will be provided in the parking structure.

The total cost of construction was $5 million.

Rendering of Parking Structure A Improvements

Self-parking is available in Parking Structures A and B at $2 per hour, with a maximum $19 per day in Parking Structure A and $17 in Parking Structure B. For general parking information contact AMB Parking Services at (562) 377-6116.

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