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The City of Long Beach will give away 270 Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers free of cost as part of the new expedited permitting process for electric vehicle charging stations, the city announced today.

It was in November 2015 that the Long Beach City Council approved Mayor Robert Garcia’s request for the city to look into offering more charging stations.


“We are excited to make these chargers available to residents,” said Garcia in a statement. “We want to do everything we can to support the use of electric vehicles and encourage more people to adopt this sustainable technology.”

Beginning Monday, January 9, the EV Charger Giveaway Program will allow eligible Long Beach residents who own or lease an electric vehicle to apply.

Nearly 1,300 electric vehicles are currently in use by local residents, with about 20 more added each month, according to estimates from the city’s Office of Sustainability.

On Tuesday, January 3, Development Services began implementing a permitting and inspection process for the installation of residential EV chargers, according to city officials. State regulations permit single-family homes and owner-occupied units of multi-family residential projects with four or less units expedited permitting.

“The new expedited permitting process encourages the use of electric vehicles as a viable means of transportation, and provides greater opportunities for future private investment in sustainable infrastructure,” said Amy Bodek, director of Long Beach Development Services, in a statement.

While the first 270 permitted applicants will receive a free EV charger, the recipient is responsible for any expenses related to completing the electrical work necessary to accommodate the charger, including installation, upkeep and the city permit and inspection fees which start at $148.

“Thanks to a generous donation to the City on behalf of Mercedes-Benz, the free charger giveaway offers an extra incentive for residents to apply for an expedited electrical permit, and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of owning a home charging station,” Bodek said in a statement.

Long Beach residents who qualify for a free charger are required to complete a Residential Electric Vehicle Charger Checklist, a Development Services Permit Application and a site plan ensuring proper installation and compliance for eligibility. The EV charger giveaway is made possible by Mercedes-Benz USA. The KEBA KeContact P20 Level 2 chargers are compatible with a 240-volt electrical source of power, and can deliver a full charge to most electric vehicles in less than six hours.

For more information on the giveaway program or to apply, visit the link here.

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