Tom Modica Named as Deputy City Manager • Long Beach Post

City Manager Pat West announced today that Tom Modica, formerly the Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, will now act as Deputy City Manager.

According to a release, Modica will oversee a multitude of City affairs, including oversight over Government Affairs, Communications, and Regional Initiatives. Additionally, he will assist West and Assistant City Manager Suzanne M. Frick.

Modica started with the City in 2002 as a Management Assistant, having since served in four different positions in the City Manager’s office. He has played key roles in creating and implementing the City’s Three-Year Financial Strategic Plan and subsequent budgets to reduce its structural deficit by over $188 million since 2004. He’s also had his hand in managing the Breakwater Reconnaissance study as well as coordinating and overseeing the City’s efforts to secure over $120 million in Stimulus dollars.

“With Deputy City Manager Reggie Harrison now leading the Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communication and focusing on priority issues such as the consolidation of emergency communications and dispatch, updating the City’s Disaster Management Plan, and Homeland Security coordination, there is a need in the City Manager’s Office for a Deputy City Manager to assist with day-to-day operations and continuing to run this organization at high speed to accomplish the significant goals the Mayor and City Council have set for us,” West said in a press release.

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