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File photo from vigil memorializing those killed during the Pulse nightclub shootings. 

Community members have organized a “Call to Action” event slated for 5:00PM tonight, aimed at building a coalition of movements and promoting a safe space in the face of a Trump presidency, according to organizers.

The event will occur at Harvey Milk Plaza, located at 212 East 3rd Street, and run until 6:30PM. Participants are invited to bring candles for a vigil.

“We are deeply disturbed by the presidential election results,” reads the blurb on the Facebook event page. “Donald Trump made promises that are in direct contrast to the safe space and forward-thinking we are trying to create in our city and communities.”


The event will feature insight from community leaders about their concerns with a Trump presidency, with the aim of comforting Long Beach’s diverse population. For more information, click here

“This is a time for us to let our community know that we stand beside them and that we are building a coalition of movements coming together in solidarity while resisting the forces of oppression like sexism, islamophobia, trans and homophobia, racism and other horrible types of discrimination that the Trump campaign and the far-right stand for,” the event page concludes. 

Speaker Anthony Rendon, who represents parts of Long Beach, issued a statement Wednesday in the immediate aftermath of the local, state and federal-level elections.

“Today, we woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land, because yesterday Americans expressed their views on a pluralistic and democratic society that are clearly inconsistent with the values of the people of California,” he said in a joint statement with President Pro Tempore. “We have never been more proud to be Californians.”

“By a margin in the millions, Californians overwhelmingly rejected politics fueled by resentment, bigotry, and misogyny. The largest state of the union and the strongest driver of our nation’s economy has shown it has its surest conscience as well.

“[…] While Donald Trump may have won the presidency, he hasn’t changed our values. America is greater than any one man or party. We will not be dragged back into the past. We will lead the resistance to any effort that would shred our social fabric or our Constitution.

“California was not a part of this nation when its history began, but we are clearly now the keeper of its future.”

For the full statement, click here

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