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JeanninePearceSecond District Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce is no stranger to the struggles of mental health and now her knowledge of this complex issue will help her as she begins serving on the Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission.

Pearce, who was appointed to the position by Supervisor Janice Hahn, called mental health one of the largest epidemics facing society today, which she said goes untreated for many.

“I myself grew up not understanding the importance and complexity of mental health, and so I didn’t know how to help the ones I loved most,” Pearce said in a newsletter emailed to constituents last Wednesday. “Having lost a grandmother to gun violence, a mom to suicide, and another mom to domestic violence, I know first hand the impacts of ignoring our mental health.”

Pearce also noted how mental health issues “run rampant and untreated” in the homeless population and credited the Long Beach Fire Department’s pilot program, the HEART Team, to connecting homeless persons with resources they need.


“Given all of this being so close to who I am not only as a person, but as a representative, I am honored to accept and serve at the request of Supervisor Janice Hahn on the Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission,” Pearce stated. “The commission plays an integral role on how we address mental health in Los Angeles County including advising on policy, reviewing and making recommendations for the appointment of the local director of mental health, and assessing the community’s mental health needs, services, facilities and special programs.”

Pearce’s first appearance as commissioner took place April 27. To learn more about the county’s Department of Mental Health, click here

Photo courtesy of Pearce’s office.

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