Man Arrested After Trespassing on Cal State Long Beach Property With Controlled Substance and Weapon • Long Beach Post

A man was arrested last week while wandering the parking lot of Cal State Long Beach’s (CSULB) Beachside College off-campus residential halls, CSULB police announced in a bulletin today. He was later found with a weapon and in possession of a controlled substance, they added.

The trespasser was identified as Rion Derry—not a CSULB student.

Upon investigation, police discovered Derry was in possession of a hatchet-style axe with a four inch blade and several needles and paraphernalia used for heroin. He was arrested on several accounts: possession of a dangerous weapon on CSU property, possession of a controlled substance, possession of controlled substance paraphernalia and trespassing.

CSULB police has had prior contacts with Derry for a suspect of theft and fraudulent use of debit/credit cards, according to the bulletin.

Derry was transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s custody.

Photo courtesy of the Cal State Long Beach Police Department. 


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