Editorial On Airport: Where Is The City Leadership? • Long Beach Post

JetBlue has finally raised its hackles and has implied that enough is enough.  As a former City Councilmember, I well remember the last evening I served, well over 2 years ago, and the vote to improve the airport terminal. It was to have been the major, deciding Council position by most accounts to have our City move forward to finalize the details for the construction of a safer, more convenient, and efficient airport terminal to serve the needs of not only the limited number of air carriers, but also the needs of the flying public. 

Yet today there is apparently no one elected official who can come out from behind the shadows and take on the necessary role as leader to move forward the needed airport improvements.

Last week, our newly-elected President landing in Long Beach, side-stepping our sorely looking cluster of trailers and canvas walking areas. These aging trailers, the antiquated baggage claim area, the holding areas, and all the other “conveniences” including the toilets and drinking fountains we claim as our own certainly are no shining example of a business and community friendly Long Beach. Rather, we should all be embarrassed.

Now JetBlue is saying enough is enough.  If or when this carrier should decide to pull up its operations out of our fair city, our economy could very well reach the tipping point. Hundreds of direct and hundreds more of indirect jobs will go the way of the former Spruce Goose.

Can this continue to be our city’s fate, or is there anyone at city hall who has the skill and courage to navigate through the final steps toward leading the others forward with constructing a respectable, convenient, and environmentally friendly airport terminal?

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