Cal State Long Beach Working with Chancellor’s Office to Guarantee Entry to Students Unable to Take State High School Exit Exam • Long Beach Post

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)  is working with the CSU Chancellor’s Office to guarantee that incoming freshmen who were unable to take the California High School Exit Exam are able to enroll and begin classes next Monday when school officially starts, officials said Wednesday.

The state decided to cancel the exam in July of this year, as it is looking to eliminate the test. This put students who had been planning to take the test in July of this year in a precarious situation, as students cannot obtain an official graduation date without passing the test. An official graduation date is required by CSU schools to gain official admission to the university.

“We’ve been working with the Chancellor’s Office in reviewing transcripts to ensure that any student who has been put in this situation (not having a graduation date), is able to enroll and participate in classes as school officially starts on Monday,” said CSULB Spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp. “It’s a very unique situation, but more of it is simply about checking the box.” 

Uhlenkamp stressed that passing the exam itself was not a requirement, but having an official graduation date was.

“We have asked the admissions offices at all 23 CSU campuses to be flexible in the final evaluation of new freshmen who might not have received their graduation date on final transcripts,” said Loren Blanchard, CSU executive vice chancellor for academic and student affairs. “California high school graduates who aspire to enroll at a CSU campus and meet all other requirements for admission to CSU will not be turned away because of the decision to cancel the exam.”

City News Service contributed to this report. 

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