LBUSD Graduation Rates Rise Again • Long Beach Post

The California Department of Education released annual academic performance data Tuesday, recording a small gain in the Long Beach Unified School District’s (LBUSD) graduation rates for the second year in a row.

LBUSD graduation rates for the 2013-2014 school year rose half of a percentage over the previous school year’s rates to 80.6 percent, above the state’s graduation rate of 80.2 percent for the same time period.

Six LBUSD high schools recorded graduation rates above 90 percent, including the Avalon School, Renaissance, Millikan, Lakewood and Wilson high schools and the California Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Three high schools—Poly, Cabrillo and Jordan—had rates above that of the state’s.

“These encouraging results are rooted in our firm belief that all students – no matter their station in life – can learn and thrive when provided the right support,” said LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser in a statement. “We plan to improve on these results through careful and transparent implementation of the state’s new Local Control Funding Formula, which provides flexibility so that individual schools can meet their students’ specific needs.”

To view and download state, county, district and school graduation and dropout rates, visit the California Department of Education’s DataQuest website. The LBUSD cautions against comparing graduation or dropout rates across some individual schools and districts, as some schools specialize in exclusively teaching those at risk of dropping out.

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