Long Beach Unified Test Scores Released; Scores Come in Under Statewide Average • Long Beach Post

The state released the inaugural California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) scores today, and of students taking the test within the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), an average of 42 percent (in grades three through eight and 11) scored at or above state standards in English, and an average of 31 percent scored at or above state standards in math.

Statewide, an average of 44 percent scored at or above the new state English standards, and 33 percent scored at or above the new state math standards. Across the county, 42 percent scored at or above the new standards in English, and 31 percent scored at or above the new math standards—averages that are identical to LBUSD’s performance.

An LBUSD release noted this was the first year of the CAASPP’s implementation.

“This year’s results will set a new baseline for progress that students will make in the coming years,” LBUSD Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser said in a statement. “We’re encouraged that a majority of our students is performing at or near California’s newer, higher standards. We will use these results and other sources of data as we work to improve student achievement, ultimately preparing more students for success in college and careers.”

In the LBUSD, 26 percent “nearly met” the state standard score in English, and 32 percent “nearly met” the state standard in math. The state divides students’ scoring on a range between 2,000 and 3,000 into four categories: standard exceeded, standard met, standard nearly met and standard not met.

Millikan High School and Long Beach Poly scored the highest of Long Beach’s non-magnet public high schools, with the percent of those meeting or exceeding state standards in English and Math coming in at 65 percent and 31 percent and 62 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

According to state data, the average of those who met or exceeded state standards at non-magnet public Long Beach high schools was:

  • Cabrillo High School | English: 43 percent, Math: 11 percent
  • Jordan High School | English: 26 percent, Math: 8 percent
  • Lakewood High School | English 42 percent, Math: 26 percent
  • Long Beach Poly High School | English: 62 percent, Math: 35 percent
  • Millikan High School | English: 65 percent, Math: 35 percent
  • Reid High School | English: 20 percent, Math: 2 percent
  • Wilson High School | English: 56 percent, Math: 26 percent

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