It Never Rains in Southern California… Until it Does • Long Beach Post

Yep, rain hit Long Beach, today and last night. What is an everyday occurrence in some parts of the country is a rarity in our beloved and typically sunny city.

The large rain drops splashed loudly onto Long Beach pavement early this morning, waking many and shocking quite a few more.

The National Weather Service forecast (NWS) a 40 to 50 percent chance of rain, with high surf. A significant event, seeing as how all of Los Angeles County has recorded just a quarter of an inch of measurable rain in the last five years.

About 142 crashes were reported on Los Angeles freeways during the rainy four-hour period that started at 2:00AM, nearly four times what was reported during the same period a week ago, authorities said.

The rain did not add up to much but did make the roads slick.

Long Beachers can officially breathe a sigh of relief regarding the rain for the rest of the week, embracing their normal driving habits: weather is expected to be sunny, clear and well over 75 degrees, according to the NWS

City News Service contributed to this report.

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