JetBlue Adds Flights, Using All Allotted Slots at Long Beach Airport • Long Beach Post


After Southwest Airlines clinched slots formerly allotted to JetBlue Airways this year, JetBlue announced the use of its nine remaining flight slots, including the addition of four flights to a new location: San Jose, California.


“Yes way, San Jose!” read a tweet posted today by the carrier. “After 15 years, we’re still showing Long Beach love with our 13th destination & even more service!”

The airline also announced three more flights from Long Beach to Las Vegas, as well as an additional flight to Salt Lake City and one additional flight to San Francisco.

In July, Southwest Airlines temporarily obtained three more flight slots previously allocated to JetBlue after starting service from the airport in June.


Under the city’s flight allocation resolution, slots that were allocated but not used could be temporarily reassigned to another airline. JetBlue’s apparent non-use of the slots opened the door for Southwest to claim three slots open for travel between Sunday to Friday, and two slots reserved for travel only on Saturdays. The reallocation will run from September 18 through the end of the calendar year.

Southwest’s use of the flight slots will be contingent on monthly reporting provided by all carriers which must submit 180-day outlooks to help determine temporary flight slot availability, according to a city release. The operation of those slots must also keep the airport in line with all provisions of the noise ordinance which allows for a total of 50 flight slots.

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