Like Long Beach, State Misses Water Conservation Goal for November But Remains on Track • Long Beach Post

Despite missing the statewide goal of a 25 percent water conservation rate for the second month in a row, statewide water conservation numbers show California is still on track to meet the governor’s year-long, cumulative 25 percent water conservation mandate.

Statewide numbers for November showed a 20.3 percent conservation rate, down from the 22.3 percent conservation rate in October and a 26.4 percent conservation rate in September. But the state was quick to point out that, cumulatively, California has recorded a successful 26.3 percent water use rate over the past six months and is shooting for the 25 percent goal by February.

Similarly, Long Beach missed its goal to reduce water use by 16 percent in November, resulting in a 12 percent water use reduction for the month. Yet, the city remains on track, with a 17.2 percent cumulative reduction rate.

Searing temperatures in October (unseasonably warm) left many Californians thirsting for extra water during the month, according to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), most likely resulting in more water being used that month.

Typically, water use numbers dramatically decrease in November, but despite the lowest water use since the SWRCB’s emergency mandate went into effect, just 20.3 percent less water was used, compared to November 2013.

“We expected the percentage drop in the cooler fall and winter months when we use less water in general so we are still on track,” said Felicia Marcus, SWRCB chair. “The fact that per person water use dropped to 75 gallons per person per day on average is proof that Californians are clearly thinking twice before turning on the tap. As welcome as recent rain and snow are, we’ve been in such a deep drought that we won’t know until spring whether we can let up on conservation.”

The cumulative savings, June through November, equate to over 1 million acre-feet, putting the state 80 percent of the way to meeting the 1.2 million acre-feet savings goal looking to be achieved by February 2016, according to the SWRCB.

In gallons, the statewide average gallon use per day for November 2015 was 75 gallons, a decrease from the 87 residential gallons per day (R-GPCD) reported for October.

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