Long Beach’s Lowenthal Joins Vote to Avert Government Shutdown, Cites “Disappointment” With Congress • Long Beach Post

Long Beach Congressman Alan Lowenthal voted to avert a government shutdown today, along with the majority of Congress, but did not hesitate to note his disappointment in the body to which he was elected.

Lowenthal said he was most disappointed in Congress’ negotiations involving a mere three months’ “short-term fix” for funding issues. Congress voted 277-151 today to pass its continuous funding resolution bill. 

“This is not how our government is supposed to work and Congress has a responsibility as the representatives of the people to pass long-term funding solutions that lift the specter of uncertainty from the federal government’s finances,” said Lowenthal in a statement. “While I am pleased that the Continuing Resolution (CR) did not contain language to defund Planned Parenthood, I am disappointed that the CR makes across-the-board cuts to meet sequester funding levels and does nothing to extend the 50-year-old Land and Water Conservation Fund that is a critical part of preserving our national parks and other public lands.”

Still, Lowenthal said he voted in favor of the resolution, citing the importance of keeping the government functioning for everyday Americans and preventing a “painful” shutdown.

“It is frustrating to be repeatedly pushed to the edge of a cliff and asked to look into the abyss,” said Lowenthal in a statement. “We all need to step back and find a rational and measured solution to these budget issues.”

Above, left: file photo. 

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