Places in Long Beach to Watch Tonight’s Debate, for Voters on Either Side of the Aisle • Long Beach Post

Looking for a place to watch the debate with your fellow party members? Or, perhaps, you’re as yet undecided?

At least two viewing parties are slated to occur tonight for the presidential debate, which is scheduled to begin at 6:00PM PDT, 9:00PM EDT.

The only limit is you’ll probably have to decide what your answer is as to who you’re supporting—or else stay mum on your political leanings, given the crowd. The respective parties are being hosted by the Long Beach Republicans and Long Beach Democrats, respectively.

For those staunchly supporting Trump (there is a Trump campaign office in the LBC, after all)—you’ve got a place within the city’s borders. The Long Beach Republicans Presidential Debate Watch Party kicks off at 4:00PM today at the Gaslamp Restaurant (5205 East Pacific Coast Highway). Reservations are required. To gain access, call ahead at 562.498.2461 or email [email protected]

Hillz supporters will be meeting up for the Long Beach Democratic Party Presidential Debate Watch Party at 5:30PM. Those wishing to RSVP can register online here. Bo-beau kitchen at roof tap is located at 144 Pine Avenue.

And of course, if the limitations imposed by the parties listed above are a bit much, hosting one’s own private function at a residence still exists, as an option.

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