Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price Announces Re-Election Bid for 2018 • Long Beach Post

suzie priceCouncilwoman Suzie Price will seek re-election to the Third District Council seat in 2018, campaign officials announced yesterday.

“I take very seriously my role of ensuring the city is prudent with the people’s money and ensuring we have the funds to pay for the necessities,” Price said in a statement. “Time and time again I have acted as a measured voice on the Council and an essential and critical set of eyes on the budget process. The Third District is a community of engaged residents who want to see the government run efficiently, and effectively and I will continue to carry the message of prudence at City Hall.”

Her focus on a balanced budget and conservative spending has even reached her younger constituents with programs like the city’s first youth participatory budgeting effort which led to the creation of a new sport court at Marina Vista Park. A ribbon-cutting was held for that project last month.

Price said there is still much work to do despite the many goals accomplished through her office.

She noted improvements in public and traffic safety, business recruitment and retention, as well as environmentally conscious development—including forming over 100 community watch groups, investing in speed reduction measures and creating a Third District Business Liaison.

Recently, she proposed an agenda item to explore the banning of panhandling to address public safety, and earlier this year, the council approved a marijuana education campaign she introduced.

Price, who was elected April 2014, has been a prosecutor for over 17 years and continues to serve as a senior deputy district attorney for the Orange County District Attorney’s office. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degree in public policy and administration from Cal State Long Beach and a juris doctorate degree from Santa Clara University.

Photo courtesy of Suzie Price’s campaign office.

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