Wesley Turnbow Officially Concedes in 8th District Long Beach City Council Race • Long Beach Post

On Saturday, Eighth District city council candidate Wesley Turnbow officially conceded in the district’s race to incumbent Al Austin, offering official congratulations.

According to the release, election results released Saturday showed Austin avoiding a runoff with Turnbow by 20 votes, after the remaining 422 mail-in and provisional ballots were counted.

“We ran a great campaign. I thank everyone that supported me and made their voices heard,” said Turnbow in a statement. “A lot of 8th District voters cast their ballot for change and are looking to the City Council to make better decisions with taxpayer dollars. Hopefully, a close race like this will motivate City Hall to better align spending priorities and address the needs and expectations of our residents,” Wesley Turnbow said. “I’d like to congratulate Councilman Austin on his win and I look forward to working with him to make our community better.”

As of Friday evening, Austin’s numbers had been boosted from 50.1 percent to 50.56 percent, according to the city clerk’s report. 


The release from Turnbow’s office said Turnbow will continue to work with community organizations and leaders.

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