Rendon’s Lower LA River Restoration Bill Signed by Governor • Long Beach Post

On Friday, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assemblymember Anthony Rendon’s bill, Assembly Bill 530, to create a restoration plan for the lower Los Angeles River, which includes the Long Beach portion.

Rendon, who represents parts of Long Beach, called for the establishment of a local working group that will update the L.A. River Master Plan to develop a revitalization plan for the Lower L.A. River. He received unanimous support from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors in May. 

“I’ve been kayaking on restored portions of the Upper L.A. River and seen the development of trails, walkways and parks,” said Rendon in a statement. “Residents along the Lower River deserve the same opportunities to reconnect with the river that flows through their neighborhoods.”

According to a release issued by his office, Rendon’s 2014 bond, Proposition 1, will fund the project. The working group will be staffed by the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy.

“The Lower River runs through communities desperately in need of open space and recreational opportunities,” Rendon said in a statement. “AB 530 kickstarts the process for improving the quality of life of millions of residents along the Lower River.”

“Our rivers, creeks, and lands do not recognize political jurisdictional boundaries,” wrote a coalition of environmental advocacy groups in support of AB 530 in a statement. “A collaborative master plan leverages much needed funding for the revitalization of the Lower L.A. River, which travels through many disadvantaged communities in the Southeast.”

Above, left: file photo. 

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