SpaceX Dragon Set to Depart from LGB Monday, Officials Warn About Noise • Long Beach Post

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is set to depart from the Long Beach Airport (LBG) to Houston Monday, airport officials announced Friday.

The Dragon is set to return to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean Sunday around 10:54 AM. It will then depart from LGB on a DC- 9/15 aircraft Monday around 6:52 PM.

Officials are warning that Monday’s departure will be noticeably louder than other aircrafts and will be easily heard in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Onboard the Dragon are around 5,500 pounds of science, hardware and crew supplies. Due to the sensitivity of the cargo onboard, the Dragon will be flown back to NASA headquarters as soon as possible.

The Dragon’s departure from the ISS will be broadcast live on NASA TV beginning at 1:45 AM on Sunday. The Pacific Ocean landing will not be broadcast.

Times for the Dragon’s landing and departure are subject to change.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of SpaceX. 

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