VIDEO: LBPD Use of Force Case Under Review • Long Beach Post

The following video was posted on YouTube, prompting viewers to question the force used by Long Beach Police — particularly the use of four officers and a stun gun being used even after the suspect concedes — following the detainment of a man in a local clothing store on June 1 along the 900 block of Long Beach Boulevard. It is standard procedure for the department (LBPD) to review all use of force cases. The video shows a man resisting arrest, promptly followed by four police officers taking on the subject. 

According to Nancy Pratt, spokesperson for the LBPD:

“The suspect depicted in the video was arrested after he interfered with a criminal investigation involving a relative and then assaulted a police officer.  During the incident, the suspect continuously ignored the officers’ orders, leading to the deployment of an electronic control device to gain control and compliance of the suspect.  Once the suspect was taken into custody, he was transported to a local hospital and medically cleared for booking.  He was booked for battery on a police officer, obstruction, and for an outstanding warrant, with bail set at $20,541.”


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