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Among WalletHub’s many ranking lists, Long Beach is perched at number 37 on their list of best cities for recreation in the nation, the website announced today.

The rankings were released during National Park and Recreation month, according to the announcement. The website compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 35 key metrics per capita, specifically as to how they relate to the overall benefits of public spaces and recreational activities across the country.

The study evaluated basic living costs, the quality of parks, the accessibility of entertainment and recreational facilities, as well as climate, the report stated.

“Neighborhood parks are instrumental to building community cohesion, boosting property values, improving public health and reducing pollution,” the release stated. “In Washington, for instance, close proximity to a park increases a home’s value by 5 percent.”

The four main categories measured included:

  1. Entertainment and Recreational Facilities
  2. Costs
  3. Quality of Parks
  4. Climate

Long Beach ranked 45th for Entertainment and Recreational Facilities, 77th for Costs, 36th for Quality of Parks and 12th for Climate.

Other California cities ranked as follows:

  • San Diego | 12th
  • San Francisco | 13th
  • Sacramento | 15th
  • Stockton | 29th
  • Irvine | 48th
  • Oakland | 58th

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