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The Dirtbag rookie has already hit two home runs in his first playoff game, and the Flyin’ Hawaiian mashed a grand salami.  Now, it’s time for Dodger baseball!

To be completely honest, I’m feeling like Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords fame.  This whole this is “a bit wee-erd.”  It’s a bit weird that the Dodgers are up a game on the road, in the playoffs!  It just feels like we’ve been chasing this since 1988.

Not now.  Now, I’m sitting back with a beer, some seeds, and fellow Dodgers supporters Jon “Dodger Blue Olpep” Olpinski and Vince “told you the Redskins would be good this year” Ankton.  We’re ready to watch the Boys in Blue play “with house money,” like Olpep says.  I got my lucky fit on, so let’s go!

1st Inning
Vince says the Dodgers need to, “make Zambrano work, and keep him un-hyped.”  I couldn’t agree more.  But seriously, is this the latest starting time in MLB history?  8:30pm on a Thursday!?  Anyway, Manny comes up and I immediately think about the Jim Rome show this morning when Rome said, “Vlad Guerrero says Manny’s 9-iron to center last night was ridiculous.”
Dodger starter Chad Billingsley strikes out two in the bottom of the inning with Alfonso Soriano on second.  This is want Billingsley does: Strikeouts, and three ball counts to batters who don’t deserve it.  As much as we need Zambrano working hard, we need Billingsley throwing strikes.

2nd Inning
After Andre Ethier battled from 0-2 for a single, Joe Torre signals a hit-and-run on the first pitch to James Loney.  As Loney’s nubber rolls across the infield grass, I think of Wilson’s baseball coach Andy Hall… Last year during the Wilson baseball playoff run, I would always ask what the key to the offense was, and without a pause Hall would smirk, “in the playoffs, the key is just putting the ball in play and seeing what happens.”

Back at Wrigley, Loney’s on first after an “error,” and The Blue Crew leads 1-0.  Blake Dewitt and Casey Blake follow Loney’s example and put the ball in play.  Two Cub errors later, it’s bases loaded for Rafael Furcal (seriously, if Furcal had a rap name, it would defiantly be Young Furc.)  Young Furc went under the knife after a “MVP-espue” start to the season, but after his (“beee-uty of a but” –Vince) it looks like his back is back.  “H”ussle Martin follows Young Furc’s hustle and clears the bases, making it 5-0 Dodgers.  This is a bit weird.

3rd Inning
Billingsley is like a video game pitcher.  He starts every good pitch from outside the zone.  Then, he slams the joystick and brings it back across the plate like it was meant to be there.  Three innings: 4 K’s.  We look good.

4th Inning
Billingsley gets on base due to another error.  Seriously, every Cub infielder deserves an error, and now Zambrano has 71 pitches.  That’s called “work” by Vince.

5th Inning
Man Ram goes DEEP, and there’s nooooo doubt.  When Manny catches a ball in the ivy in the bottom of the inning, it’s clear this is Manny’s inning; and the Dodgers game.

6th Inning
Blake walks, and the Dodgers have had a runner on base in every inning but the first.  Then he’s called out on a questionable call at second.  Either way, it’s 6-0 Dodgers.

7th Inning
Zambrano gets pulled, but Olpep says, “it would still be 3-0 without the errors.  We touched that boy!”  Meanwhile, Loney knocks in Manny, 7-0.  Is that booing at Wrigley Field!?!?

8th Inning
Young Furc and Manny tally RBI’s, while Cory Wade takes care of the Cubs 1-2-3.  C-Wade now has 2+ scoreless innings in two games.

9th Inning
Blake puts the Blue in double digits, 10-1, and Takashi Saito and Jonathan Broxton “close it” out.  Final score: Dodgers 10, Cubs 3.  Run total of the two games in Chi-Town- 17-5 L.A.

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I’m a fan of a team who, in my lifetime, have been nothing more than disappointments.  But now we’re a win away from an NLCS berth.  Someone, please pinch me.

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