Mike Across America Pit Stop 13: Sports: A Capitol Idea! • Long Beach Post

I’d never been to DC before, and the experience was more overwhelming to me than BronBron was to the Wizards.  But one of the coolest parts of DC to me was watching the locals take full advantage of the National Mall area.  Joggers circled memorials and monuments, and the green space between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument is, after work gets out, completely overrun with college students and interns and first-rung employees.  There’s football, Frisbee, a few volleyball courts, as well as an impressive (and Coors-sponsored) kickball league, and some organized softball teams.


This, to me, is my America.  Here’s open space: I want to play on it.  Enjoy the pics—I didn’t get all the ones I wanted because some people were giving me dirty looks, and in DC, I figured I shouldn’t risk the chance that they were lawyers.


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