Two Companies Fined $140,000 for Violating Clean Air Act

After finding violations of the Clean Air Act for importing electric generators and recreational vehicles which lacked proper emission controls, two Los Angeles County-based companies that move goods through the Port of Long Beach have agreed to pay some $140,000 in fines filed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

During 2011, it was discovered that All Power America, LLC of Chino had imported 80 electric generators lacking the required catalytic converters into the Port of Long Beach with the intention of selling them. The company was hit with a $60,000 fine.

Between 2009 and this year, Maxtrade, LLC of South El Monte had imported 2,481 off-highway motorcycles and ATVs that had improper carburetors and catalytic converters into the Port, also with the intention to sell. Maxtrade was fined $80,000 for their violation.

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Catalytic converters are put in place and designed to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, thereby lowering ambient concentrations of ozone, which is associated with a wide range of health effects such as chronic bronchitis and aggravation of asthma.

All Power, which has been in business in California since 2007, sells electrical equipment, specializing in generators. Maxtrade has been operating in California since 2005, selling and importing recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and go-karts.

These EPA inspections are conducted routinely in cooperation with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. When the vehicles and engines arrive at the Port, they are moved to an off-site warehouse so that the EPA and/or Customs can physically inspect the shipments. While EPA cannot disclose exactly how individual shipments are selected for inspection, the agency insures that random selection is part of the process.

The fines—administrative settlements that do not involve court proceedings—are set by EPA based on a penalty policy, which is available online.

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