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MIGPBIDmapFirst established in 1996, the Magnolia Industrial Group Property and Business Improvement District’s intention to re-establish their PBID was approved Tuesday by the City Council. The plan to re-form will now move to a vote among affected property owners, the results of which will be announed at a public hearing next month.

Magnolia Industrial Group was originally formed with the intention of reducing crime in the 24-block area west of Magnolia Street, between Pacific Coast Highway and Anaheim St.–an industrial section of the city. After being re-established in 2003 due to its initial success, the current PBID terminates on November 30 and Magnolia Industrial Group intends to continue on after that date with another 10 years of security and clean-up efforts.

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According to the new plan, the MIG area boasted a 5% reduction in total crimes from 2011 to 2012, and compared that with the overall 7% increase of total crimes in the rest of Long Beach. Crime rates in the MIG area are also lower than they were the year the PBID was created and are much lower than that of surrounding areas in crimes against both property and persons.

The main function of the MIG-PBID is the hiring of security staff that patrols the area seven days a week, but other activities have included sponsoring the annual Wrigley Village Christmas parade, semi-annual clean up efforts and over-all improvements to the area that go beyond standard City functions.

Because this is a PBID, all funds are generated from an assesment of the property owners with the City operating as an intermediary. The total assessment for the newly re-formed District is projected to be $85,890 with the plan allowing up to 4% per-year cost-of-living increase in the
assessment rate. The City also owns a Public Service Yard that resides within the MIG boundaries and its anticipated assessment amount in the first year is estimated to be $1,488, which includes a special pricing received by City-owned properties.

MIG-PBID is only one of eight improvement districts in Long Beach, and only one of two that have been formed by property owners, as opposed to business owners.

The public meeting concerning the re-forming of the Magnolia Industrial Group PBID will take place July 23 at 5PM in City Council Chambers at City Hall.

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