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Today, the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) announced its 2015-2016 Board of Directors and Executive Committee, which includes its new chair Michelle Molina. Notably, Toliver Morris of Manulife Properties was also selected as the new chair-elect of the Executive Committee, the DLBA stated in a release issued today.

The DLBA chose its committee and board leaders by soliciting the downtown community for nominations. The board then approved selected candidates, and downtown stakeholders ratified their selections.

“When I first joined the Board, it was because, given my property, I had a stake,” said DLBA Board of Directors Chair Michelle Molina in a statement. “I wanted to know what I was paying into. That perception has since grown into a desire to become more directly involved, to become a leader for the Downtown—and I am honored that it is partly because of this organization that I have decided to do so.”

The Executive Committee’s Morris will recruit new committee and board members for the coming year in addition to transitioning as the chair in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year.

“It is really powerful to note that more than 75 community members volunteer their time to serve on our Board or Committees,” said Morris. “It is the combination of talents, backgrounds and expertise of this group that makes DLBA effective as a community based organization.”

The board elected its new Executive Committee members on October 5, while the Executive Committee’s officers were voted upon today.

The current DLBA leadership is as follows:

Executive Committee
Chair: Michelle Molina, Millworks, Standard PBID Area
Chair-elect: Toliver Morris, Manulife Properties, Premium PBID Area
Past Chair: Hilda Sanchez, Minuteman Press, North Pine DPIA Area
Secretary: Ryan Altoon, Anderson Pacific LLP, Standard PBID Area
Treasurer: David Cannon, PBID Residential Representative
City Representative: Juan Lopez Rios, City of Long Beach
EC Member: Tony Shooshani, City Place, At-Large *

Remaining board members:
Downtown Parking Improvement Area (DPIA) Representatives
Rand Foster, Fingerprints Records, East Village *
Justin Hectus, Keasal, Young & Logan, West Gateway
Chris Krajacic, Pier 76, Pine Avenue *
Rose Barrantes, DDR, Waterfront

Property Based Improvement District (PBID) Representatives
Mike Wylie, FAMCO, Standard Area *
Julia Huang, Intertrend, Premium Area
Ken McDonald, Long Beach Transit, Premium Area
James Stephenson, Cohn Restaurant Group, Premium Area
Silvano Merlo, Courtyard by Marriott, Standard Area

At-Large Appointed Directors
Allison Kripp, Den Salon *
Alan Pullman, Studio One Eleven *

Downtown Residential Representative
Derek Burnham, Downtown Resident from First Council District
Lauren Haverlock, Downtown Resident from Second Council District

Advisors and Honorary (non-voting appointments)
Brian Ulaszewski, City Fabrick, Advisor
Greg Parkin, LB Convention & Entertainment Center, Advisor *
Ina Parker-Hicks, WE Labs, Advisor *
Lou Anne Bynum, LBCC, Advisor
Gio Ferraro, Groundwork Fitness, Advisor *
Bryant Francis, Long Beach Airport, Advisor *
Mary Stephens, CSULB, Advisor
Vice Mayor Dr. Suja Lowenthal, 2nd Council District, Advisor
Councilmember Lena Gonzalez, 1st Council District, Advisor
Diane Arnold, Honorary
Don Darnauer, Downtown Resident, Honorary
Nick Edwards, Queen Beach Printers, Honorary

*Members to Board beginning October 5, 2015

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