Long Beach and Anaheim both set to discuss deals for Angels on Tuesday • Long Beach Post

The city councils for both Long Beach and Anaheim will meet to discuss respective deals for the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday, as one city hopes to lure the team with a waterfront ballpark while the other plans to entice the team to stay.

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News on the baseball team’s future has been buzzing since last month when it was revealed that the Angels are in early talks about possibly moving to Long Beach, where the city is considering building a new stadium on a 13-acre property known as the “elephant lot.”

City spokesman Kevin Lee on Monday said the council will meet in a closed session Tuesday for “ongoing” negotiations with Shoreline Investments, LLC, a La Jolla-based entity representing the Angels. 

Meanwhile, the Anaheim City Council in its own meeting on Tuesday will discuss updates for an appraisal of the 155-acre Angel Stadium lot. The appraisal is expected to come back within four months, said city spokesman Mike Lyster.

Lyster said city officials are optimistic about the team’s future in Anaheim. The Angels recently hired development consultant Brooks Street to consider plans for the area, which is a good sign, he said.

“We see that move as very much speaking to the opportunity we have here in Anaheim and we are very confident about a path forward,” he said.

Lyster said the city is considering a major development of the surrounding neighborhood that would be similar to Petco Park in San Diego. The area would have restaurants, retail space and more, he said.

“That vision is taking hold already, so we see a lot of opportunity ahead,” he said.

Long Beach’s plan also includes a major development of the Downtown coastal area to put Long Beach on par with other waterfront cities, like San Diego.

The Angels have a lease with Anaheim through 2020.

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