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The Long Beach City Council met in its second closed session on Tuesday to discuss the terms of a deal to reopen Community Hospital, but officials on Wednesday were tight-lipped on any possible agreement.

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The talks come as the deadline looms for new operator Molina, Wu, Network, to reopen the hospital and take over its license before it expires on April 28.

Former operator MemorialCare Health System closed Community last year after determining that it would be too costly to retrofit the campus to meet seismic standards.

The city, which owns the land, selected Molina, Wu, Network, as the new operator and was working out the terms of a lease agreement.

Any agreement made in the closed session Tuesday must be discussed in a public session and will go before the council for a vote at a later date.

Located directly on top of a fault line, Community Hospital shuttered last summer over seismic compliance issues, closing the area’s only emergency room.

The projected January re-opening date was pushed back several months, but operators have said they remain committed to reopening the 94-year-old East Long Beach facility.

(John Molina of the Molina, Wu, Network is a founding partner in Pacific6, the parent company of the Long Beach Post.)

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