Planning Commission Set to Grant Alcohol License to The Art Theatre • Long Beach Post

The Long Beach Art Theatre. File Photo 

The Art Theatre could become the latest Long Beach movie house to acquire the right to sell alcohol to its patrons, as the Long Beach Planning Commission is set to approve a conditional use permit for the sale of beer and wine at the theatre during its next meeting.

The theatre, located on the northwest block of the intersection of Cherry Ave and 4th Street, would be allowed to sell beer and wine until 12:00AM if the permit is approved by the commission. Earlier this year, it approved similar alcohol sale permits for the AMC Marina Pacifica and the Edwards Theatre located at the Long Beach Towne Center.

Under the city’s zoning regulations, the Art Theatre had some obstacles standing it its way. Although a city staff report notes that because it will not be installing a sit down bar, a move that would require parking spaces to accompany those fixed seats, the theatre does exist in an area of 4th Street that has a high concentration of alcohol sale permits.

However, in consulting with the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD), staff determined that because the theatre doesn’t exist in an area with a high crime rate, it could grant an exemption for the theatre to join the nine other businesses that sell alcohol, including a wine bar next door to the theatre.

“Staff consulted with the LBPD for this application and they express no opposition to approval of this permit provided that the applicant incorporates security measures such as light and security cameras as conditioned,” the report said.

Patrons will be limited to two beverages per purchase and the permit will be subject to renewal after a one-year period.

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